Yes we're running this week, no signups


I didn’t make a signup because I was lazy, yes we’re running, yes it’s achievements and fun stuff, and yes I might be skiing on Thursday, so whatev’s =P

Next week, here’s how things will go down:

Signups will be up on Sunday as usual.
Priority for spots go to those who have been slogging along through Eternal Palace all this time.
Will we be at full 30 right away? Doubtful.
Will we be at full 30 in a couple weeks… ya, I’m guessing so.
So don’t be lazy and be sure to signup. No signup = can’t hold your spot, Signup before 5:30pm Tuesday = can hold your priority spot.

Have fun on the slopes!

Timing works well, our Midwinter feast is this weekend so I’ll be able to get back in full swing again