Wrong size box? No problem!

I wasted way more time then I care to admit today in trying to find a box to ship a large, odd shaped item that I sold on Ebay. After much searching, the best I could come up with was a U-haul moving box that was like 1/3 larger than it needed to be. When I ran the shipping charge difference, it was going to add like $10.00 to the rate… which was way more than my cheapness could stand. I figured that there had to be a way to augment a smaller (though at present wrong shaped) box to accommodate something roughly the size and shape of an old piece of luggage

So after doing some searching, I found this guy’s video on Youtube:


So next time you need to ship something and you can’t find a box to fit it properly, do this! It was very, very easy.

If you’re wondering if your box will work, try this thinker bee action I came up with:
ex: 18 x 18 x 16 standard medium size moving box

Measure your item at its longest side, then continue around the corner and measure that side also.
to fit into this box, that 2-sided measurement would have to be equal to or less than 36 inches (18 + 18). (you have to think of the box being a belt around your item… if you hate math, measure around the whole item, and make sure you didn’t exceed 72 inches which is 4 sides by 18 inches of this example box)
Now measure your last side, this needs to be less than 16 inches. (this is the height of the box)
If you are under the max measurements, follow the video. (for very thin items, you might need to measure for 2 scores of the box so that it refolds properly around the object)

Enjoy the magic!

I want the table he did it on!! :slight_smile:

Awesome. Does that count as a Life Hack?

And I agree with Gummer on that table. Never seen one like it, but now I want one!

When Gummer says “I want the table that he did it on!!”… I just back away slowly. =P

I do believe that would count as a life hack! xD

And funny that you commented on this now, Ren, because I just used this technique again over the weekend to pack my jeweler torch. Worked like a charm. =D