Why isn't the game calander utilized more?

Hello all,

First off, I wanted to thank everyone for being so friendly and helpful over the past month since I joined.

One thing I noticed, and wanted to bring up was; Why isn’t the calander used for scheduling guild events? Being that i’m a new member, I’m having a heck of a time trying figure out when the guild likes to run stuff. I looked on the forums, and noticed several groups do run stuff during the week, but the info is a little hard to decipher as to when these groups run. Also, i’m not even sure who I would contact in case i wanted to be considered for these runs.

The game calander is great for people to know when something is scheduled, and also gives people a chance to sign up if its something they are interested doing.

Any comments or insite would be greatly appreciated.


Normally for the friday night runs I try and get invites out 3-4 days beforehand…unfortunately for the next three weeks I’m working two jobs so I’ll get invites out when I can, but my time will be limited.

As for the rest, I can’t speak for them. :slight_smile:

We have used the calendar to schedule all-guild events in the past, but those are few and far between so that’s probably why you haven’t seen it used much. I know that some of the raid groups use it for invites. A lot of folks are more used to checking the forums for their particular events (I’m writing this from work) so perhaps that is the most convenient way to reach people. Of course any member is welcome to use the calendar to set up their events.

If you are interested in joining one of the raid groups, I would suggest that you post a message in their forum or send the raid leader a private message and see how you can join them on a regular basis.

Blackmore - really sweets your best bet is to be online, have your glasses on and squint at guild chat. If you see something interesting, speak up. Wallflowers need not apply! (Because we can’t see you, we’re all mostly blind)

From forum trolling, this is the best I could come up with.

Note that we are not a raid guild and people here in GOML occasionally need their naps and rocking chair time.
Therefor, the run might not happen…
or might happen with a different group of people …
or may turn into a completely different run.

You just never know.

I have these in order of progression, I THINK, with N1 being the furthest progressed doing hard modes and bonking on Yogg on their free days.

Raid Group - Days - Time
N1 - Wed thru Sun - 10pm to midnite
N4D - Thurs - 8pm to 11
JustUsLeague - ? - 10:30pm to ?
Lawn Mulch - Thurs - 8pm to 10:30/11pm

Lost’s 25 - Mon - 9:45 invite’s

Thank you for the replies. The information you all provided was very helpful, and greatly appreciated.

See you all in game :slight_smile:


Heya just adding to the list seed provided

Raid Group - Days - Time
N1 - Wed thru Sun - 10pm to midnite
N4D - Thurs - 8pm to 11
JustUsLeague - Thurs - 10:30pm to 12:30ish (Clears TOC)
JustUsLeague - Sunday - 10:30pm to 12:30ish(Alt Clears TOC)
GBU - Thurs 10pm-12pm(Ony & Ulduar)
Nut/Lizz late night run Friday 11:30ish to 1:00ish(Ony/Voa few bosses in TOC)
Lawn Mulch - Thurs - 8pm to 10:30/11pm

Lost’s 25 - Mon - 9:45 invite’s

well done, kalib. the word of the day is “sticky”

umm “sticky”?

I believe the game calendar is used. Its used for those who hopped on the forums and signed up for the raid. I believe that’s how it works for most of them, I could be wrong – but I seldom am LOL

yeah, sticky! as in pls, forum moderator, sticky that somewhere so we have a partial clue!