Want to join GOML?

If you do not make a new thread in the Applicants Forum you will NOT be considered as an Applicant.

GOML is a Guild of Old Farts having FUN. In the World of Warcraft we are on Tanaris (PvE) server and we play the Horde Side. In GuildWars 2 we are on Sorrow’s Furnace.

We are a group of older gamers (25 years old (not level, real age!) or more) who got together with one purpose: To have a guild of mature folks, a relaxed atmosphere, helpful as well as nice to each other, and no “leet speak”. Yes, this means you MUST be 25 years old or older to even apply.

Yes we do endgame, no it isn’t mandatory.
We do BG’s, World PvP as well, again nothing mandatory.
We do “silly” things, raids on Alliance towns, exploration and anything else you want to do.

Basically experience the game as you want with a good group of people who help each other and just have a great time.

New applicants should speak to someone on the following list for a short interview during which we may ask you embarrassing things about yourself like your age or the first album you ever owned.

On World of Warcraft, look for: Mirosa, Dreadknight/Gorc/Belfadina, Kayse
On GuildWars 2, look for: Awgy, Mirosa, Kaysea, Mikala Karina
A sense of humor is a must, I mean really, look at our name. We’re all about being old and loving it. So be proud of your incontinence, memory loss, bifocals and curmudgeonly ways. Chase those dang kids off the lawn, pull your pants up to your armpits and drive 22 miles an hour to the local Old Tyme Country Buffet for a nice 4pm dinner of Salisbury steak and bread pudding.

Thanks and have a great gaming experience!!!

PS: Keep these things in mind before applying, if they aren’t “you”, perhaps you should look elsewhere. :

  1. We play to have fun, but not at the expense of another player’s enjoyment. That means we don’t feel slighted if a member chooses not to answer a request for help at that moment. We never expect another member to drop whatever and come and help. Self-reliance and patience are virtues. If we can’t solo a quest now, we come back for it later. If we can’t run a particular instance with guildies, we PUG it or wait until more guildies are available. “If it isn’t fun, don’t do it!” is our motto and we respect the time and wishes of our fellow guildmates.

  2. We enjoy progressing our characters and enjoy seeing the progression of others’ characters just as much. If an item drops and we don’t win the roll, we’re happy for the winner. Yeah, maybe we feel a tinge of disappointment, but we know that we can count on the winner (or another guildie) to help run that instance again to get that item. We remember that pixels are not the true value of the game–it is friendship and camaraderie that mean more to us.

  3. We not only tolerate a wide variety of people and playstyles, we thrive on it. We appreciate that there are MANY different life-style choices out there and try to reflect that in guild chat (please read we WILL NOT TOLERATE any bigotry or homophobic remarks in guild chat). We don’t expect everyone to do the same things or place the same value on things in the game. Different strokes for different folks, it’s all good, variety is the spice of life, etc. etc. There are so many different ways to enjoy the game and we like to try them all. Also, there is a profanity filter in-game, we recommend you use it if profanity bothers you. With that being said, profanity is frowned upon GREATLY . Why you ask? As a wise person once told me and I continue to pass it on, “Profanity is the sign of a weak vocabulary”, or worse…of a weak mind. Continued warnings of using profanity wantonly in /gchat will constitute removal from the Guild as it IS offensive to others.

  4. We adhere to the Terms of Service. So if a game doesn’t allow it, neither do we. This includes any form of botting or naming conventions that are against the TOS (or were against it, like the ASCII characters used in a name, we hate those!!). Thanks!!

  5. One of the big challenges we have is trying to determine whether a given individual is a fit for our guild. To ensure a good fit we look at many things including the following:

  • Depth of Application. Successful applicants usually write anywhere between 8 - 10 sentences about themselves (e.g. two - three paragraphs). Good applications also display a decent quality of the writing; in our experience the more qualified applications tend to use some semblance of correct English grammar, and appear to have put some time and effort into organizing a well written response.
  • Quality of Application. A quality application addresses all the requirements that are spelled out in our application process. For example, good applicants will mention their affinity for our guild philosophy and why they agree with it, attempt to remember their first album, etc…
  • Quality of Referral. If the applicant is a friend of someone in the guild, the applicant mentions how they know such guild member. Whether it is through a pick-up group (i.e. pug), a previous guild, or is a real life friend.

In addition to ensuring a good personality fit, we use these criteria to also help us gauge the relative age of the applicant. As you can imagine, doing such an age verification can be difficult in an on-line game, so we look to the application to see if it exhibits the qualities and characteristics of more mature players. As such, we would appreciate it if you wouldn’t mind posting a more detailed application.

Once your initial application is approved it is YOUR responsibility to contact a GOML member to see if an officer is online for a short interview.

Thanks and good luck!