Walking on the lawn


I am a 49 year old, first gen computer gamer. My real life brother is in your guild under the name of Zidaya or something similar as is another real life friend under the name, “rubyrhdz” or again, something similar. I played Wow from Beta up through just before Cataclysm and left, in no small part because I became tired of the drama and the insane raid culture the game seemed to turn into. I had become a fairly sought after raid healer but got tired of being spammed with raid invites every time I signed on just to relax and have some fun. Generally very laid back and like to use games like this as a stress relief. Any other questions, feel free to ask either myself or the other two mentioned above.

Thank you for your time and consideration,


Sounds like a perfect fit to me. It’s good to see you back! We are all about casual here - I think you’ll enjoy it. Some of us do some raiding and dungeons and stuff but it’s all super low pressure and super high fun! Hit me or any ancient up when you’re on next!

Interviewed and invited by Rubyrhod 10/17/17. Toon name is Nixelplix btw. Will see about matching the toon to the name. and upgrade forum access with Mir’s help =P

Welcome!!! and I fixed your forum access. =D