Tuld Application

Co-worker of Varg. Characters are all from the opera Tales of Hoffmann:
Lindorf, Coppélius, Drmiracle, Dappertutto, Spalanzani, Schlémil, Giulietta, Frantz
Hoffmann, Nicklausse, Crespel, Antonia, Nathanaël, Hermann

Lindorf is a level 60 arcane mage, but I’m still deciding on a “main” this go around.

Background: Played original WoW in ye olden days, within the first year of its release. Played through Cataclysm, took a break, played Pandaria, took a long break. Now catching up on what all happened in the last few expansions.

Personal profile: middle-aged male, married, no kids, three cats, typical day job, former career as a pretty dang good opera singer.

Hi Tuld, thanks for looking at us :slight_smile: When you’re online do a /who Get Off and look for a toon named Sim______ and whisper him. We’ll have a quick chat.

Thanks Sim, I have some work to do on the computer tonight (new UPS), but will try to look for you tonight.