Tuesday Heroic Uldir (AOTC Redo) Signup 1-15-19

Please follow this format to be considered for Tuesday’s Uldir raid:

Name - Realm - Role(s) - addition comments (such as if you’ll be late, or if you have another geared alt you’re willing to bring)

Signing up does not guarantee you a spot. Invites will follow this priority: Regs who ran the last 6 months of ABT —> Regs who ran with us a bunch in Legion but got screwed by RL (and told me) ----> Regs who left in good standing ----> friends/family/guildies new to the group (3 runs still = becoming a reg) ----> anyone else.

I do expect to be running full 30s on both nights, so if you do not get a spot, please be patient, it’s only opening week.

(If attending both nights, YOU MUST SIGN UP IN BOTH THREADS, otherwise I’ll forget to add you. ) Thanks!"

****** Doing the follow-up AOTC run for those of the Tuesday group who missed it last Thursday, will do fresh clear after. *****

Reserving spots for: Ryla, Arry & GradeA, Rik (if work changes), Mikey

I’m sure there are others of the core that might not know we’re doing the AOTC redo on Tuesday, but these are the ones I know I can:

-contact outside WoW before Tuesday
-are core to Tuesday group
&/or in the case of Rik, got screwed by work on Thursday & missed the successful attempt by 5 minutes (ouch).

Everyone else, please sign up as normal, this is somewhat of a special case.

Elusiveonez kil jaeden warlock dps.

Get out of work at 7 should be home before start or 5-10 minutes past 7:30. Hopefully before but will be home to raid. New job new schedule more raiding hopefully.

Never cancel me being there just got my new job schedule today after orientation i won’t be home tomorrow. But ill be off Thursday so ill sign up for Thursday’s run. Best of luck. Atleast my reason is training at my new job making more money. Lol

Gomletta. DPS or tank. Hopefully will be on time!

Edyion - dps - kil’jaeden. I mean… I kinda have to come lol

Simbezo - Tanaris - Heals. But happy to sit out for a smaller raid size

Cynemon-Tanaris Disc Epicness

Wartick-tanaris-Zee Balls Zee Balls

Smallpoxx - Mug’thol - Heals I already have AOTC, but would like to join to help others get theirs.

Amano-darrowmere dps

I got my shift covereed, so I can make it. yay! Very glad we got it last week, now I want my aotc.

Winter for the heals! I will be available, I am willing to sit to keep the raid size at where it needs to be for folks to get the achieve. :relaxed:

Xynie - Zul’jin - dps

Evoda - I’m just here to catch Rik’s orby ball thingy! :laughing:



Happy to join if you need me, but consider me and my BDD optional.

Nangsa- Tanaris - DPS

Maleficent- DPS- Darrowmere

Been feeling under the weather, so I think I will just watch all you kickass people from the sidelines!! <3 have fun


Limes Tanaris DPS