Tuesday FINAL Heroic Crucible AOTC Attempt Signup 7-2-19

*copied from my Discord msg on Friday, June 28th about reqs & expectations for the Tuesday July 2nd raid --ONLY–, any questions, come chat with me sinceTuesday July 2nd is our final chance to get AOTC Un’nat, thus the change.

Some of you know this from being online tonight (Friday)-- but booooooooy did I bleed my dirty undead soul for you guys! I decided to join in another group’s AOTC Uu’nat to see if there were any strats -at all- that we weren’t using. And there was!!! It’s called Extra Big Dick DPS! That’s right, folks! That amazing product Nangsa is always selling – it now comes in a massive new size! Yes, you’re hearing this right – EBDD solves everything. Have people who roll in puddles? no worries! Have a few dps not target switching quickly? Who cares! Have an enrage mechanic that literally sucks the lifeforce out of your raid? Pfffft – EBDD solves it all! Ok, in all seriousness, they fucked up so many mechanics, it made my cry – and then went on to beat the boss anyway. SO!!! If you plan on attending our last chance at AOTC Uu’nat on Tuesday, there are going to be some unusually high requirements that I hope to never, ever implement again in this group. IMO, the boss is way overtuned for Heroic, but we put so much work into it, I’d like to see some payout for those who showed up every time.

  1. Min ilevel is 400 – 410 ideal, 2) you must do the new quest chain for the necklace upgrade, no excuses you have the whole weekend. 3) consumables are mandatory (20 runes, 40 potions) , new level consumables would be amazing, but not reasonable to expect. 4) Enchants and gems on all equipment – new level enchants are not expected. 5) and here is the biggie, and I’m really REALLY sorry (like Canadian sorry), but anyone dying or messing up mechanics --above the average-- on Tuesday will be asked to sit out until the boss is downed (then come back for Dazar’alor). This one really sucks, because I know it’s usually lag, or a cat, or a keyboard failure and no one means to do it, but for this one, nasty, POS, son of a snake-ass bitch, I have no choice. Nothing is changing about this group or its reqs – this is a singular event to beat a boss that most other guilds gave up on. Thank you immensely for your understanding, support and lack of hate rays.

"Please follow this format to be considered for Tuesday’s Raid:

Name - Realm - Role(s) - addition comments (such as if you’ll be late, or if you have another geared alt you’re willing to bring)

Signing up does not guarantee you a spot. Invites will follow this priority: Regs who ran the last 6 months of BoD —> Regs who ran with us a bunch in Legion but got screwed by RL (and told me) ----> Regs who left in good standing ----> friends/family/guildies new to the group (3 runs still = becoming a reg) ----> anyone else.

I do expect to be running full 30s on both nights, so if you do not get a spot, please be patient.

(If attending both nights, YOU MUST SIGN UP IN BOTH THREADS, otherwise I’ll forget to add you. ) Thanks!"

Kalius - Lumberjacking it.


Xynie - dps - Zul’jin

Jebraxis-most heroic of leapers

Evoda :slight_smile:

Edyion - scrape me up then put me back in coach

Yeleena - tanaris - dps


Simbezo - Tanaris - Heals

Winter- because that fat tentacle faced bastard has it coming.

I was hoping to run on Thursday because I’m a big loser and don’t have all the requirements for Tuesday but since I was actually named in the post for this, I feel like I have to show up. Will try to get the new necklace (whatever that is). I won’t feel bad if you make me sit out though.


Nangsa - Tanaris - DPS

Molochele - Darrowmere - DPS

Maakha DPS

Skaisong - hopefully our internet with behave!

Jitlock dps

aderynn tanaris dps

Cracks = Zuljin= Frost dps/blood tank

Astralz - WyrmrestAccord - DPS

Ryla & Arry, Tank & DPS as per usual :wink: Lets get this guy down.