Thursday Heroic Dazar'alor Sign Up 03-21-19

Please follow this format to be considered for Thursday’s Dazar’alor raid:

Name - Realm - Role(s) - addition comments (such as if you’ll be late, or if you have another geared alt you’re willing to bring)

Signing up does not guarantee you a spot. Invites will follow this priority: Regs who ran the last 6 months of ABT —> Regs who ran with us a bunch in Legion but got screwed by RL (and told me) ----> Regs who left in good standing ----> friends/family/guildies new to the group (3 runs still = becoming a reg) ----> anyone else.

I do expect to be running full 30s on both nights, so if you do not get a spot, please be patient, it’s only opening week.

(If attending both nights, YOU MUST SIGN UP IN BOTH THREADS, otherwise I’ll forget to add you. ) Thanks!"

Maakha DPS

Kalius - Tank
Kalsier-BleedingHollwo - DPS

Edit: Update: I probably won’t be on Thursday.

Qelti- Tanaris - DPS

Rik - what ever the peeps need

Orisalla Tanaris, Tank (DH) Will bring Jitlock instead if need be.

Simbezo - Tanaris - Heals

Xeniya - dps - Zul’jin
Kilania - dps - Zul’jin (this is Cracks’ demon hunter)
And if we have room
Vinzclortho - dps - Zul’jin

Tytanya - heals/dps - tanaris


Cynthian-Turalyon Arcane Mage or Cynlee-Tanaris Windwalker Monk

Irys tanaris heals

Winfree-vashj ret

Shrutefarms - Tanaris - RDPS or Maestranza - MDPS

Gomletta DPS. I’ll probably be a little late

Peon-zug zug-Dabu

Limes Tanaris dps

Quantos-Greymane Heals or Pew Pew DPS


Winter heals, unless I get real lucky with monk healer drops before this.