Thursday AOTC *unknown* Signup 6-27-19

**From Mir – Thursday’s raid is highly dependent on what happens on Tuesday. If we down Uu’nat, then we will be pushing the Dazar lockout to Jaina for the AOTC redo. If we suck on Tuesday, then Thursday will again be AOTC Crucible. Please watch a video on Heroic Uu’nat just in case. This will likely be the only AOTC Crucible kill we bother doing, so if you really want it, please try to be on for Tuesday.

We did get Jaina done on Tuesday!!! For anyone who did miss AOTC Jaina and will be here for the redo, be sure to watch this:

And this: (what we did wrong on the failed Tuesday, the best attempt starts at 2:30:00)

And this: (Our successful kill on Thursday, starts at 1:26:00)

(If you do not watch these three links, you will not be allowed on the run because you’re a lazy fucker xD )

"Please follow this format to be considered for Thursday’s Raid:

Name - Realm - Role(s) - addition comments (such as if you’ll be late, or if you have another geared alt you’re willing to bring)

Signing up does not guarantee you a spot. Invites will follow this priority: Regs who ran the last 6 months of BoD —> Regs who ran with us a bunch in Legion but got screwed by RL (and told me) ----> Regs who left in good standing ----> friends/family/guildies new to the group (3 runs still = becoming a reg) ----> anyone else.

I do expect to be running full 30s on both nights, so if you do not get a spot, please be patient.

(If attending both nights, YOU MUST SIGN UP IN BOTH THREADS, otherwise I’ll forget to add you. ) Thanks!"

Cynemon-Tanaris Disc-Epicness

Winter for the heals.

More Evoda Rogue things

Simbezo - Tanaris - Heals




Molochele - Darrowmere - DPS/Tank

Molochele - Darrowmere - DPS/Tank

More Wartick trying to keep up with Evoda

Xynie - dps - Zul’jin

Astralz - Wyrmrest Accord - DPS

Gorlabtoo Silver Hand DPS Useless remark…

Skaisong, Fliing, Frolik, Shantain, Shantih…oh wait, she isn’t 120 yet…

Aderynn Tanaris dps

tytanya - bearer of the light - tanaris

Maakha DPS

Jitlock dps

Whatever we’re doing, count us in!

Ryla - Tank
Arryianna - DPS