The "OpenRaid is Down" signup thread 4.3.18 & 4.5.18

Just being preemptive for next week. If Openraid does come up I will post here as well & please do sign up over there if it comes back, but this ensures you have a spot for Tuesday &/or Thursday!

If signing up, please include:

Character name, server, role, raid night you are signing up for (if both nights, please do a separate line for each raid.)


Bileblight - Tanaris - DPS - Thursday

Skyeashe - Garrosh - Dps - Tuesday 4/3/18 (will have Prydaz, pots, flasks/ cauldron/ runes as requested like a good raider :wink: Coven going down!!

Révan - Garrosh - DPS/disc heals(mediocre heals and dps) Thursday 4/5/18

Signing for my wife Jahdrian

Jahdrian - Garrosh - Dps - Thursday 4/5/18


I can come on both nights.
Tuesday on my mage xynie and thursday on my paladin xenie.
I will whisper you like normal on both night.


Faran-Tanaris April 3&5. Healer.

Simbezo-Runetotem Heals Tue, 4/3
Simbezo-Runetotem Heals Thu, 4/5

Ryla, Tanaris, Tank, Tuesday
Arryianna, Tanaris, DPS, Tuesday

Ryla, Tanaris, Tank or Heals, Thursday
Maakha, Tanaris, DPS, Thursday

Gomletta, Tanaris, DPS (or Tank), Thursday


Cynemon (heals) for Tuesday. /roll for random dps on Thursday.
OpenRaid seems to be up now.

Kâne (DPS) - Turalyon- Tuesday

OpenRaid is back up, and events for both days this week are now live. Please head over there and re-sign up. If the either group shows as full by start time (and you signed up here, but not there), you will still have priority for signing up here.