Super Number One Fun Cookery Contest!

Yep, it’s time to liven up the forums of cookery with an exciting contest!

To enter, just post your favorite recipes here in the God of Cookery forum. On February 6th, I and my crack team of highly trained Demigods of Cookery will chose the 6 best recipes from all those posted for the final showdown. Once chosen, the six finalists will be put to the ultimate test: that of a 100% scientifically perfect internet poll.

Pick up the most votes from your GOML peers, and you earn a custom forum title! The runner-ups will score a few northern spices (to get a little more in-game practice).

Meaningless small print: Odds of winning improve greatly if your recipe does not suck. God of Cookery and his Cooking Doom Squad are not eligible, since they would kick your butt completely.

Phase one of the contest has ended, many thanks to all those that shared their best and tastiest with us all over the last few days.

Phase two will start shortly, once all the votes from the Cooking Doom Squad are in. Keep your eyes glued to this forum for your chance to help decide the winner!