Spellblade Aluriel - Change of Scenery

Posted in Discord, but thought I could also post here:

Hey there Bryan,

You have summoned Game Master Lady Taghamma. Thanks for reaching out to us about not getting the achievement, “A change of Scenery.”

Not getting something you worked hard towards must be extremely frustrating for you. Especially with dungeon items and criteria, it can take longer than normal.

In this case, we unable to assist with this issue because we cannot track locations of bosses or mobs in the logs.
What I can say is that most players have the issue with The Shal’dorei Terrace. This can be caused if they kill her on the bridge to the Shal’dorei Terrace. The map says says it is in the Shal’dorei Terrace zone, but it doesn’t count. They need to kill her across the bridge, in the zone itself

Thanks for posting. We’ll pull her all the way across the bridge next week.

So weird. Glad we now know that it isn’t totally bugged and can finish it next week. =) Thanks for opening the ticket. =D