so. anyone remember disaster

hey all… been away for quite a bit, lost auth code and real life craziness… whats going with all the old folks


Say “R”. Then take a shower.

that letter does not truly belong in the alphabet… how ya been praisa

I have been amazing. I’m Praiser. How could I be anything else?

Mir is out of town for a few days and I don’t know how to reset forum passwords…

But then I figured it out. Check your email. New password for your original account.

OMG Dis, Capin and I were just in your neck of the woods a week ago! Your ears must have been burning!

oh my Dis is back, wicked awesome! :stuck_out_tongue:

Paco says hi! That was the most important part, because you know, Paco!

So good to hear from you, Dis! If you need any help resetting your account, just PM me an email address that is current and I’ll update your settings for the reset.

How do we know this isn’t a bot or a gold farmer?!!!

not a bot ren… sorry been away been so busy… and now it jsut got even busier… jsut had my daughter born in january… so kinda put a halt on me coming back for a bit :slight_smile:

If youre going to stick with the Disaster theme then you should reserve the name Calamity for her asap! Congratulations Dis!

OK so it’s been another two years, and I popped in briefly few weeks ago… Trying to get back in… I’ll try to be in tonight :joy:

So as you can tell it didn’t happen the little one decided she was having too much fun playing and refused to go to sleep

Daww, well, you know the lawn isn’t going anywhere. We’ll be here whenever life let’s you log in. xD

Jumped on briefly last night… saw everyone was in same place figured raid so didn’t want to interfere, going to start a healer just to relearn the game mechanics again… I’ll hit you up tonight on disisme lol

Quick question which healer should I roll don’t really care which one just curious to see what everybody says and will give me an idea what the roll tonight

Just about every healer is doing well… holy priest is still boring as heck though. xD We tend to run pally heavy, after that its pretty equal between monk, shaman, resto and disc priest. Not much help I’m guessing. =P

The first alt I level is still going to be my holy pally, because I really enjoy the playstyle. After that, it will be my monk. Hope that’s a tiny bit more useful. =)

Everything’s useful… may try a shammie first

Yeah, at this point, I’d take a look at the artifact weapons and see what sounds more interesting, if you have no preference for class otherwise.

Good to see ya Dis!

Long time Dis!