Smartphone suggestions?

OK so I’ve been using the same flip phone for a thousand years; I am thinking of getting a ‘smart phone;’ anyone have any recommendations for or against any particular phone(s)? I’ve been thinking of the new iPhone, the Pre, and the new Google Phone.


I have the 16gb iPhone and it is great. Although I don’t use it much for business use, it is a great phone and portable computer.

Stick with a flip phone, then they can’t find you as easily :slight_smile:.

I have a Mogul 6800 from Sprint (work made me get it) and it sucks royally, mostly because of sprint’s network, but I’m not a fan of windows mobile either. I’d look into something that uses an OS other than Windows (Like and Iphone for example), but that’s just me. And even though I mentioned the Iphone, I wouldn’t get a touch screen phone again either, I’d get one with a real keypad. My fat fingers make dialing a chore.

+1 on the 16G iPhone. I do 80%+ reading and occasional text input, so better match for me than a dedicated keyboard which I don’t use that much. I have my work email, calendar and contacts hooked up through exchange, and I can also access my gmail account. Plus a cool browser and lots of nifty apps (if you travel, the app for iPhone rocks)

If you travel outside your home country, highly recommend getting a phone w/ wireless - data roaming can be expensive, and wireless is is easy enough to get connected to.

My old phone was a windows mobile flip phone, I don’t miss it a bit.