Scroll of resurrection

Hey guys. It’s been a really long time. I thought about reactivating my account just to play casually here and there. Since my account has been inactive for so long it qualifies for scroll of resurrection (benefits for myself and the one who sends the invite). If anyone is willing to send me the invite I’ll accept on a first come first serve basis. I think you can do it via my old character names. If not send me a pm and I can send my email address (battlenet account name). Thanks, See you soon, Muyam, Hadeshero

PS: It’s free and easy to send a scroll of resurrection invite (can do from your character or your battlenet account). You a free Spectral Wind Rider or Spectral Gryphon flying mount. Scroll of resurrection is just a blizzard tool of luring old players back.

Hey Muyam, if I come back and you come back, can we each use the scrolls on us? I’ve been gone a few months now as well so may qualify.

Mensa/Scullie sent me a scroll. Thanks! Scullie I think you get your reward as soon as I re-subscribe.

Gummer: Accounts must have been inactive since at least March 4 2012 so you’ve got awhile to go

I’ve been inactive for over 2 years. Lots to catch up on and relearn.

Dang, it’s been that long??? How come none of those slackin’ officers have made you a member again yet?

Because this slacking officer is sick /pout… and may or may not have run an instance with some of the other officers in GW2 last night when she woke up. xD

I blame… Mikey! /grin

WB Muyam =D
(I’ll give you forum access now, since Gummer is too lazy to do that much) =P

Well you know me and my memory, I didn’t want to do it and then be chastised, “Gummer, OMG, you’re not even playing anymore and you gave someone access to the forums?!?!?! OMG WTF DEWD!!!” So there! :slight_smile:

Hope you’re feeling better and wb Muyam!

That’s the game we play, Gummer. Yell at you no matter what you do! bwhahah