Ret paladins!

Hey all

I’m just trying to get some suggestions on a ret build. So far I’ve been using a guide:

Some things aren’t fully processing in my brain as to why I’d use a skill point in it aside from something that might be more beneficial to a dps, like helping heal in desperate measures. Any play on this build from any experienced paladins?

Mind you I’m going more for a PvE role than a PvP. Granted I’ll do PvP on my off time, but I intend on raiding towards the end and trying to do every quest possible. (I’m a sucker for lore)

Also, since I’ve compared my gear to other experienced ret pally players, I see like I’m always under what they are/what they have. If you can critique my armory, located in my sig, and make any suggestions, and let me know what I should be gearing (in terms of stats), I’d also fully appreciate it.

For a PvE dps dungeon build i use something like this:

-Imp. Blessing of Might: BoM should be your go to blessing for dps, so buffing it is very handy.

-Seal of Command: Best seal to use on groups of mobs (switch to Corruption on bosses).

-Swift Retribution: Doesn’t do a whole lot for pallies honestly, but it’s great for all the casters in the group, so it’s definately worth taking.

-Eye for an Eye: These last two points are completely optional; I put them in EfaE for the occasional BG or WG run.

Otherwise, head over to the Elitist Jerks forums for everything you ever wanted to know about Ret:

Kobayashi pretty much covered everything, I just wanted to throw out a couple more links. recently did a bunch of “[insert spec here] 101” articles for all the classes. They give a basic overview of gear, talents, rotations, etc. that I found to be pretty helpful.

Ret pallies also got a 102 article

Thanks for all the tips Kobayashi. I already switched to Seal of Command as of a few days ago and loving it. I’m gonna take the advice of ElitistJerks (view, not post to sound dumb). And also thanks for the links Telvarion. It’ll give me some good reading for down time at work.

Okay, I gotta ask…

Dungfist? What’s that mean and where’s it come from?

Oh man, I knew the day would come. I was actually rolling an undead mage on another server, and one of the names was Dungfirt. It was taken. After taking all of my funny, I changed the r to an s and my name has been made. From what I see, I’m the only one with the name in the entire US WoW.