Encouraged by goml members in-game, I’m posting a pick of my recent acquisition of the Time-Lost Proto Drake! On the day we as a guild were “Releasing the Kraken” on the sever, it seems Northrend released one into Storm Peaks,… And I felled her! For those tracking the TLPD here are the numbers:

Vyragos spawned and I witnessed him killed at 8:45 AM server time. I returned to Storm Peaks at 2:05 PM server time and the TLPD spawned at 2:15 PM Server time. This posts TLPD spawning just shy of 6 hours after Vyragos died, but at the top of the hour. Here’s a pic of the corpse and the mount!

Grats Dreadkyrn! I’ve camped that one off and on for two years now, with no luck!

A fine, fine mount indeed! gratz again! =D

Sweet - bet you are still doing your happy dance

Whoa nice one bro:)