Rejoining GOML

HI Mirosa, it’s been a while…I would like to ask to rejoin GOML. Guilds are not what they used to be, I made the mistake of joining a “friend’s” guild and boy was I sorry for that…I don’t play very often due to being in college and doing class work, but I get on as often as I can…Thanks for the consideration…Mysticgirl

Hey Hunterra!

We’re still the same old, well… old folks guild you remember. Just poke me or any member to see if an officer is online for a reinvite. Welcome back!


P.S. If you’re playing a different toon, just let us know the name here =D

Derp, saw your tell but you already logged. I should be on for another 60 mins or so tonight if you’re on an alt. =D