red's application for lazy acres re... I mean GomL

Greetings fellow Curmudgeons,

Hmmm, where should I start? Let me find my glasses so I can type with more than one finger, first.

OK, so I’ll start from your list and wing it. Maybe in reverse (I’ll try not to run over your mailbox).

A million-billion dollars you say? I would hold my pinky finger up to my lips and threaten world leaders from the comfort of my floating hover-chair, duh. Oh yeah, I have lasers in the armrests, so everyone says yes to me, mwu-ha-ha!

Why does Mirosa want a butter keeper? Well, we Southerners like butter, why wouldn’t you want one? Besides, her fridge is full and she needs all the space she can find. Butter should be on the table anyway. [off-topic: based on that profile pic and tag, is she from the city of oaks?]

I got into gaming when I was in middle school. I lived in a military town and had a lot of military brats as neighbors, a lot of whom lived on or around bases in Europe. PnP D&D was popular back then (I guess it was really popular in Germany at the time), so I was introduced to ‘serious’ games through them. My next-door neighbor was a big war games buff, a D&D nerd, owned countless board games and strategy games, and played all sorts of pnp rp games, too. Since we were the same age I ended up playing with him quite a bit. … Then I got my Commodore 64. Goodbye paper, hello wonderful 8-bit, 16-color pixels. Bard’s Tale, Wasteland, SSI D&D series and about every other EA & SSI game used up all my per-pubescent brain cells.

I have two pets, both cats. One was recently put into a box on my desk and is a spirit animal now. I’m pretty sure he can beat down any pansy warlock. TAPS might be coming around to check him out someday soon. [not really] The other one is still alive and kicking, and I’m pretty sure he’s still playing with the other guy; or maybe all cats play with stuff that isn’t really there? [did that come off as too morbid? I loved that little guy, of course I would keep him on my desk!]

I don’t have a hoveround (yet), so I don’t have any stories to tell you. I’ll tell you about my hobbies instead.
I’m an avid woodworker. It’s my #1 passion and takes up most of my time.
Next is camping and traveling with my wife. We have an '85 Westy, but it’s been in the shop getting a major overhaul for the last year. Might be done next year. Can’t wait! Subaru conversion FTW!!! (look it up).
Next is video games, all kinds of video games, but obviously I like WoW, or I wouldn’t be writing this right now.
Also like tinkering with my WRX and taking it to the track. btw, my wife hates how loud it is, but it puts a big grin on my face :biggreen:

The future kind of came around sooner than I expected, so I haven’t given it much thought. I lucked out and was able to retire really early, so now I have nothing but time on my hands.
We’re remodeling our whole house, so that’s taking up most of it lately. We’re living in my shop, so no woodworking right now, and the Westy has been in the shop for quite awhile too, so that leaves lots of time for video games!!
For the immediate future, I’m thinking of firing my contractor and trying my hand at general contracting (lol, I see a lot of headaches with that, probably won’t do that after all). I think more travel is in the cards, though. Wife wants to go to India next year, so we’re already planning for that. Father-in-law has a life-long dream of going to Bermuda, so we’ll probably go there next year, too. I prefer tropical destinations, so I want to do a week long sailing trip. Did one a few years ago and have been wanting to do it again. Ya, more travel is definitely on the list.

I’m a pretty easy going guy. I’m a little on the shy side, so I’m not really outgoing around people I don’t know. Once I get to know people, I’m pretty chatty, though. Don’t care for drama, but I can ignore it for the most part, so it doesn’t usually rile me up. I’m an organization nut, so I usually end up doing administrative stuff for the groups I’m in. If you like talking about exotic destinations, camping, woodworking, or WRX mods, I will talk till you tell me to shut up!

So, much, much… muuuuuch later in life I was introduced to WoW. I started in BC, a little before WotLK came out. Played for a few years, and quit before Cataclysm was released. Just came back recently, since I have a lot more free time on my hands lately. I’m getting used to the new content and messing with the add-ons that are available now.

OK, well short of giving out my name, address and SSN, not sure what else I can tell you right now. If you need more, just let me know. Reading through the forums, you all sound like nice folks, and I think I would fit in pretty good around here.

oh yeah:

  1. Thriller
  2. Blue

…And I’m happily married, so I (hopefully) will never encounter a cougar cruise calamity. Although, if you’re into that sort of thing, the wife says Royal Carribean is still doing them.

…And Matlock is a wimp. TJ Hooker would have wiped the floor with 'im. Although, I thought Nancy Stafford was kinda hot.

What the heck does reported for botting mean? I mean, maybe someday in the distant future I’ll want to be a robot, but I’m pretty happy the way I am now, thank you very much. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, I. Am. Not. A. Ro. Bot.

Thanks for the excellent application!

Whisper any member in-game and they will put you in touch with an officer for an interview. Right now, deep in the summer and between xpacks, our in-game population is pretty sparse and it may take several days for you to catch an officer online.

The fact that you ‘claim’ not to be a bot, means you are absolutely, 100% a bot, right? I think that’s how that works, but drat, I can’t remember anymore. xD

After having a rather delicious set of tacos (thanks last night’s leftovers!), your app has shoved this afternoon into ‘awesome sauce’ territory! If I get around to making that apple crisp I have been planning since yesterday’s massive u-pick apple extravaganza, then really, life can’t get any better. That was a dare, life, prove me wrong! =D

Praiser does speak the truth, however, regarding our low-ish numbers due to the summer. We tend to have a number of northern yetis (aka Canadians), who seem to be solar powered. My theory is that they must spend all summer hours under the searing blaze of the day star, else they will not survive the harsh forever-night to come. /shrugs-ah?

If you’re looking for a great guild that will spring back to life as the days shorten, then you can’t beat Goml. In the mean time, we have plenty of steady players that are indeed, the beez-kneez. Just repeat after me: quality over quantity! hehe =P

As for your very astute observations over butter keepers, the south and sucky parks, you have the right of it. My husband and I called Raleigh our home for oh… 5 years before moving out near Seattle last year. (can you believe these hippies don’t typically have AC?) We loved the BBQ, seasons and daily thunderstorms, but wanted to try out the west coast before settling anywhere. With all the traveling you do, I’m sure you understand! =)

Normally this is the part where we say “next time you’re in game, message any member to be directed to an officer for a quick and painful interview”, but until we get closer to Warlords, that may be a difficult prospect. I should be on quite a bit this week at night, but if you know you’ll be on at a specific time/day, just post it so that I can log on and get you settled. My husband and I just moved into a new place, so until everything is unpacked and just right, I tend to wander off and hang shelving at random times if no one needs me. =P


That’s so funny. We moved to Ballard in Seattle, from Raleigh, in 2001; but we’re back in Raleigh again since 2007. If you haven’t done so already, I highly recommend going to the Freemont Summer Solstice Parade. Nothing beats crazy homemade floats and naked bicyclists, in the Seattle version of a family friendly public event.

How did you like your first winter? Does sunshine still make the evening news?

I’m on and off at random intervals right now… depending on when subcontractors show up and how motivated I am to work on the little projects. But I’ve been checking when I do log on. Only found one soul so far, no officer was online then. I’ll post again if I know I’ll be on at a certain time.


Lemme guess, the one soul was me? LOL I am soooo alone at times. I’m a junior officer. I can’t bring you into the guild, but once you get there I can bring your alts in. Just ask Evil and his 14000 alts. :wink: Anyway, if the lone member is me, say hi!

If that happens again, just ping me on FB, Mars. If I’m actually near my computer, I can totally log on… that or I can teach you interviewing! /evil grin

Hmmm…You can teach me interviewing someday. In the mean time, I’ll just ping. :wink:

Some nights I’m playing D3 instead. In WoW, I’ve been exploring the new monk content, so I’m not always on my main. If an officer happens to be on and thinks about little ol’ me, maybe you can try pinging me on my BattleTag @ redrover1862. I’ll keep looking for an officer when I’m on WoW, too.

I should be on more now that Dragon*Con is over too, so I’ll be able to help find people :slight_smile:

I tried to get a hold of you last night when Koby gave me two of your alt names, but the one didn’t answer (or wasn’t you lol!)

I have a meeting tonight from 7-9pst, but I’ll see if I can be on before/after in case you pop on =D
Definitely poke Aderynn if you see her, (she has my phone number) or Marsten (she can ping me on FB). Koby can also harass Ad into poking me, as happened last night xD

(I know I said I’d be on more, but I should ammend that to “I’ll be on more once I’m over con crud” aka starting in the next couple of days) :3

I’m pretty sure that Aderynn managed to invite you last night. In any case, turning on full forum access for you and welcome to Goml!

I did, yes, but someone never logged on before I went to bed so I could say so. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: