To whom it may concern,
Good morning fellow members of GOML, it has been a long time away indeed. I had the unfortunate passing by of not being able to enlist due to medical and other conflicting factors. However since my first enrollment in your guild 2 years ago I have set forth to complete my degree in automotive engineering and diesel fleet management and have actively been working in the field. I regret to say that I had to remove my toon from the guild shortly after due to lack of personal financing (which many young men in high school would agree), to which now has greatly been ratified being on my own and full time employed. I have spoken to Blixi earlier this evening about my re admittance into the guild as I am now a much more active participating gamer and have no intentions of leaving in the near future, or at all if i can help it :slight_smile: My old character whom was enrolled is no longer in “Active Service”, so please take a moment if you may to review my new standing characters.

Race: Blood Elf
Level: 100
Class: Demon Hunter (Veng: 705ilv)
Name: Kironard

Race: Tauren
Level: 100
Class: Paladin (Ret: 697ilv)
Name: Unholynadz (I realize this may be conflicting and will be changing the name if accepted to something more eloquent)

Race: Orc
Level: 90
Class: Warrior (Prot: 500ilv)
Name: Bigbadaboomy

Please feel free to comment at your earliest convenience. I have attached a picture of my prior application which can be found in the members archives applications section (which I’m sure you know). Thank you and have a wonderful day!
P.S: I apologize for the uploaded picture quality I am currently running dual monitors and it captures both!
Screenshot (1).jpg

I totally remember you, your original app… and Gummer’s lovely taunting of me! xD

Welcome back! As you guessed, your pally’s name would go against our guild name policy, but please feel free to message anyone in guild for an officer to get a reinvite for the other toons. Just let the officer you speak with know that you’re a returning member to avoid another one of those painful interviews =P