Rated BG Group

Hi all,

With a bunch of PVPers sprouting up and weekly quests with rated battlgrounds, a few of us have been chatting about getting a group going.

We’re hoping that everyone who signs up can at least have BOTH of their PVP trinkets. They are a set that provide a bonus. Also, great to stack versatility to help with survival.

Was thinking Sunday nights at 6pm PST/9pm EST and probably go for an hour or so.

So far we have:
Nangsa- DPS
Quantos -DPS

We would need one more healer, four more DPS, and a tank if possible (a few can switch roles if need be as well). Leave your name and spec in the thread–first to sign up gets first priority of the spots available. Hoping to start Sunday March 7th.


Interested with warlock

Limes ele/resto shaman

Heals or dps, I’m flexible

Gomletta dps/tank

Interested, but the day/time probably won’t work for me.

If anyone needs help getting the honor to buy the trinkets, I’m happy to help you pvp to get them.

im interested, only have one trinket tho. i can heal or dps.

*I now have both trinkets.

Jayjen (rogue, DPS) and stubbz (druid, heals) are always up for pvp. We’re sitting around 200 ilvl with both trinkets, versatility enchants and sockets.

Cynemon Disc Priest or Demon Hunter DPS/Tank have absolutely no trinkets

Simbru - Elemental or Resto as needed, will be late for a few weeks.