Rated BG group pre-BfA

As promised, here’s the interest signup for some Rated BG fun.

Please post what days/times absolutely suck for you and we’ll do our bets to get 10 people together at a convenient time.
This isn’t intended to be yet another night of raiding. Basically we’re just looking to pick a few nights before the expansion to kill a lot of Ally and get some achievements. It is unlikely that we’ll find one static night that works for everyone, so expect this to change week to week so that everyone can enjoy. =)

Post which character & roll you prefer to PvP with and we’ll have a good time. :wink:

Mirosa - frost mage death machine - no Wednesdays, nada, never, ever. Good most other times with 24 hours notice. Weekends slightly less open than weekdays, but flexible.

I’m up for getting killed a lot! Gomletta - ret pally. Any day but Tuesdays or Thursdays. :slight_smile:

I can play any time on the weekends or raid hours during the week.

Count me in!

Wow, this is so tempting if I hadn’t taken a break and thus my gear is probably lacking to heal with. I was enjoying pvp when I was active, might drop in sometime.

Looking forward to it, X !!! =D You can always drop on on Thursday night and get free loots. xD