**Please read before Tuesday's Raid***

So, I wanted to address the friction that’s been happening in the raid this expansion, and to open up a larger discussion about the kind of raid environment everyone wants to have moving forward.

This is coming about because I feel that there are a lot of opinions and feelings being vented, but not much is actually being communicated to me directly. In the absolute worst case, I’m worried that some of you might choose to stop showing up because you’re worried about causing drama by doing so.

Let me spell out what I think the issue is and then open this for a larger discussion.

Recently we’ve had some personality conflicts with newer members to the raid, mainly because they are coming from outside the guild and not aware of our guild rules and charter. When someone apps to the guild, and goes through an interview, it’s incredibly clear what kind of group they’re about to join. Even in the OpenRaid days, I made sure that the rules and general feel of the group was crystal clear to anyone wishing to join.

What I am proposing going forward is that anyone wishing to join the raid (not already in Goml) needs to read the guild charter on our forums before they get an invite. I’m going to sound like the curmudgeon I am, but a lot of us are just too elfin old and cranky to put up with the list of social issues that stem from immaturity. We’re not a raiding guild, we don’t care about loot, meters, or progression rankings, and personally, I am absolutely effin done with explaining every decision I make as RLer to someone needing life validation at my expense. There are hundreds of raiding guilds to do all that bs in, but there is only 1 raid like this. If this raid means as much to you as it does to me, fight for it. Don’t let someone’s asshole behavior (mine included) drive you away without speaking up first. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please either message me if you wish to keep the issue private or post them in the forum thread below for public discussion. I’ll be doing the same. Whatever doesn’t get hashed out here, or needs more attention, will be talked about during the raid on Tuesday.

Thanks all.



Raiding is fun.

Posting this separate because I didn’t want my personal feelings and issue getting confused with the larger discussion.

I’ve been feeling this for a long time, but every time I think about putting it into words, it sounds pissy, but I’d be a hypocrite if I didn’t air my own issue too.

I think I do a pretty good job of leading this raid. When a new raid drops, I spend about 20 hours watching videos, taking notes and devising revisions that will work for our group. What I don’t do is spoon-feed the damned thing to the raid. I can, if you want, but I find that demeaning to all of you, and quite frankly, weakens the raid as a whole.

Unfortunately, I feel that some mistake my desire to engage the group in problem solving by purposely -not- have all the answers as a sign that I am not very good at my job. No, seriously, if I thought it was the right choice to revise my notes every raid with what the world first mythic guild did that week, I would, but our goal is not to get through the content as quick as possible. Our goal is to have as much fun as possible, and for most of us, figuring out how to beat an encounter with minimal strat is exactly that.

So ya, could you please stop running out to Google every time I don’t have some random answer, or the exact amount of fire damage coming out of the dragon’s ass, or because some other guild did it some other way. It doesn’t matter. What would be awesome is that rather than assume I’m clueless on the detail, consider whether or not it matters. At best, you save the raid from a wipe that we typical laugh through anyway, at worst, you’re signaling a lack of confidence in my leadership (i.e. backseating). I’m a bitch, but I’m not bulletproof and having to justify every decision can really start to wear on me and the fun I’m personally having. I think we all know what this looks like vs the genuine collaboration the group strives on. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk. =P

Raiding here is fun, I look forward to these 5 hours a week. I feel fortunate to be a part of a heroic raid group that asks so little from its members . I want to make sure that everyone reading this understands how important it is for the Raid Leader to have fun, because we get to have more fun.


Raiding is fun I always look forward to raiding every week with you guys and listening to the funny Conversations we get into

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Mir you make this raid fun. Way back in OpenRaid I remember reading the description and saying this is someplace I can be because the key element was to have fun. I transferred all my characters to this server and this guild because it is fun. We all have fun and that is the most important thing.

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When I started running with this group, I was very impressed in Mir’s leadership. I tried modeling my raid leading after hers, and I think it went well, until I started having people tell me that I was wrong, that this or that group did it a different way or that Method did it so and so ways. I wasn’t strong enough or brave enough or ballsy enough to continue, so our raid fell apart. I don’t like leading, but no one else would so I did it to the best of my ability. Life has also thrown so many curveballs in the last couple of years, and raiding with you guys has given me something to smile and laugh about regularly. So I hope I can keep raiding with you guys for as long as Mir agrees. I am not as strong of a player as many of you, but I will try to keep improving as time allows. Thank you again for letting me join you guys for all of this fun and crazy time each week!! <<>> Skai

I don’t have much to say on this, as you guys probably know I’m usually pretty quiet. Some raid members might not even recognize my voice, because I don’t like to pipe in too often. But I am always listening and enjoying our time together. Our guild feels like a family. I probably would have cancelled my sub a long time ago but raiding with GOML is what keeps me coming back.
I love you guys and I look forward to raid nights as the highlight of my week. And Mir know that at least from me your efforts are very appreciated <3