Peg's prospects of getting Red Alert; aka applying to GOML

I will preface this with the clear warning that age does not make one wise, and I am as much of a green horn idiot novice at WoW as it’s possible to be after playing over a year. Then again, I consider that one of the reasons it’s fun.

Tripsoverhercats lured me into WoW almost three years ago, in retaliation for the Assassin’s Creed addiction I roofied her into. At that time however I was in South Korea, and my bank account wasn’t, so Blizzard put my happy play time on hold until I came back to the states and my ISP looked less like a desperate ploy from some middle aged business man to finance his Starcraft marathons.

I grew up in the loving arms of the Marine Corps and Marguerite Henry, among many many others. My father introduced me to video games back when IDDQD was the answer for green aliens and IDKFA got you sent from god mode against them to self implosion against the alien wizards the game later. Back when Laura had a uniboob and got eaten by dinosaurs a lot, my father and I were competing for time trials with his PT stop watch. Now we let the online leaderboards decide who has to wash the dishes.

Currently I’m back in school, working full time grave shifts, and taking care of two disabled veterans called my parents so game time is a thing that happens in spurts and odd schedules. The first two bachelor’s degrees got me out of the country and independent, but now that I’m back and facing a distinctly different future than I planned for, it’s back to the grind of higher education. So while I don’t have a spouse or children, home is still a bit FUBAR.

I speak a lot in military. I try not to type too much of it out in the course of correspondence, but if I get into mummble and start calling out alphabet soup, well, it’s old habit. Sorry.

Trips and I have been friends for over ten years, and since she got me into this digital time and money sink I figured I’d check out who she hung around. I’m not an exceptionally social person, and I don’t play games for high scores (just higher than my dad and he doesn’t play this. Yet.) so I’m almost level 60 in my first year and this is the first and only guild I’ve looked at. I’m interested mostly in hanging out, getting tips on how not to fail too hard (Trips has been wonderful, it only took nine months before she figured out I hadn’t figured out that the angel in the graveyard can resurrect you there. I’m so green I’m a conifer.) and having more ‘chieves’.

I went Hoard because that’s what I do. I hoard. I collect all the pets, all the simple exploration and profession achievements, and I’m looking at having a huge stable of mounts when I finally hit 60 and can fly. I have been known to spend hours at a time fishing. I like fishing. Pagel is single right?

So I’m not sure what else to put in here, I hope I come across as the literate, worldly and well aged example of a player you’re looking for, but like all the best cheese I come with a scent. In my case it’s called ‘cheerful ineptitude’.

My first album? Can’t say I was ever much into music but I remember when The Wheel of Time was a New York best seller and the Xanth series didn’t suck.


And a quick add in, you all know me as Jil, but Peg knows me as Trips, just so you know who did the luring over!

Ohhh! Those are the names we’re supposed to be using? Okay, right, well that means I bungled right from the start, since the character isn’t Peg, the account is Peg, I do apologize everyone. I suppose this should be Ikaikakekipi’s prospects.

I heard about this app earlier, but really needed a nice quiet moment to reread it, laugh all over again, and then answer in a thoughtful manner.

Seriously, where have you been the last year? Players like you remind the rest of us who have been running around Azeroth for cough10yearcoughOMG,Isaidtoomuch cough, cough, hack cough, derp* how fun this game still is!

Before I forget… Jil, that toon name is incredibly epic and will make me giggle at odd moments for at least the next week or two.

OK, back to the original programming.
So, true story here, Praiser saw your app this morning and said over Mumble something like “Hey Mir, there is an epic app that deserves a special level of attention.” I suck at quoting, but you get the idea. /challenge accepted

So let’s get to it!
You speak in Military? I didn’t even know that was what it was called! You can ask the rest of the guild though about how bilingual I might be in that over Mumble. In gchat, I’m a saint /hides from all the rolling eyes, but ya, our voice chat is not censored. We’re all mature adults, its just sometimes the event warrants colorful vocabulary! Like while Pvping… you can’t pvp without fbombs as your weapon of choice. Don’t get me started about raiding with these senior citizens. xD

The graveyard angel shouldn’t be trusted. What, you’ll bring me back to life but cost me 85g in equipment durability? Geee, sign me up! xD
Well, I did get stuck literally in a mountain the other day on my pally… /grumble, and she kind of got me out of there. The crushing weight of a giant mountain on my little belf body… or 85g? Ok, that sounds like a bargain considering.

You know, I really should have just gone with the hoarding. You know who hoards pets, mounts, toys, skulls, pretty armor pieces, old food, funny trinkets, and moldy bits of fungus… the people in this guild! (Don’t ask about the fungus, it’ll only hurt your brain).
We really love the spice of life, as long as there is an achievement or a flaming horse that accompanies it. Wondering where to find not one, not two, but about 10 different crab pets, Praiser would know. Wondering if you can solo that old raid for a mount? My gawd, you have your pick of like 10 people who run them weekly and know how its done. We even have some psycho frost mage who has nearly 20k achievement points, but I would stay away from her, she’s scary. =P

Well, I’m spent and might need some ice cream. You should have some too, and join us, now. xD Next time you’re online, just poke anyone in the guild so an officer can give you a quick and fun-filled interview. To do that, just type in your chat window: /who Get Off My Lawn
This will show you everyone online in our guild, just pick one and make them do your bidding! If for some reason you have any problems finding an officer online during the times you play, just post back here and we’ll make arrangements for one to be on for you. =)


For some odd reason, despite all my efforts, Peg still wanted in on our crazy house.

Interviewed and approved by Mir! =D Welcome to Goml… pudding is in the corner!