Pasta Dish!

My mom used to make this all the time. I don’t remember what it is called but it’s fantastic.

1 pkg of mild Italian sausage
1 jar of peppercinnis
1 pkg of spinach
1 jar minced garlic
1 pkg pasta, I prefer fettuccine for this
(you’re not going to want to use the whole jar/package of the Garlic, Spinach or peppercinnis. I usually just guesstimate what I want.)

Cook sausage on stove. Usually put some water in a pan and cover. Flipping the meat occasionally. (that’s what she said) Once they are done cut up into pieces and put to the side. You can also substitute the sausage for like Tofurkey or whatever other vegetarian sausage-like-meat is out there.

While the sausage is cooking, cut up the peppers into tiny pieces or ringlets. If you can find the already cut peppers, I recommend using those. Yes, I’m lazy. I wouldn’t use the whole jar either unless you like the dish really spicy, which I do, so I use a whole jar. It’s a small one though. Not some huge one you would buy from Costco or something.

Put the cut peppers into a pan and add some olive oil. Let them cook a bit then add some garlic.

Chop up some spinach. I usually use like a cup or so, not much. (Recently, I’ve had to take the spinach out all together because Bruce claims he’s allergic to it…AKA he doesn’t like it) Add it to the mixture. Stir around for a bit, then add in the sausage. I usually try and brown the sausage a bit more, but you want to be careful you don’t burn the garlic or spinach.

Of course during this time, you need to cook the pasta. I don’t think I need to go into the details of how to do that. After pasta is done, scoop onto a plate, put the mixture on it and top with fresh grated parmesan cheese!

Those peppercinnis, are they the really pale green/ almost yellow hot peppers that come in a pickle type jar? And have really thin flesh? Because those are also awesome in cream sauce. Sounds weird, hot peppers in cream sauce but trust me its delicious. Especially on tortalinni.