One jar of high quality peanut butter, preferably smooth/creamy, not chunky.

One jar of high quality strawberry preserves, not grape, but thanks!

One loaf of potato bread, very very fresh.

Spread with a butter knife one on piece of bread some peanut butter, not too much, not too little.

Spread with same butter knife on a separate piece of bread some strawberry preserves, not too much, not too little.

Carefully place the peanut butter piece of bread on top of the strawberry preserves piece, placing the peanut butter to face the preserves. Reason you do not place the strawberry preserves to the peanut butter is that depending on the amount you used, this could get messy…

Repeat this process as necessary depending on hunger level, not recommended than four times. Place completed sandwiches one on top of the other so as to reduce the chance of fresh bread becoming stale as you finish.

Pour one glass of tall ice cold 2% milk and enjoy!!

Yum! and hooray! we have an entry now!