Oh, don't mind me, just a passer-by

Hello people of the guild. I’m Meeks, soon to be known as Büsey in the Tanaris server. While I’m neither high level nor an “uber leet pro” of WoW, I just poked my head in to introduce myself. While I’d love the chance to join, I’m still a couple months behind the age limit, and still lacking a character. Atleast, until the server comes back up from maintenance.

Well, if you made it this far down the post, I’ll just bore you all a little more. I’m in my mid twenties living in Virginia where I work and sleep. Truthfully, just working and sleeping. I’m always looking for new friends and since I hadn’t thought way too far ahead, we’ll leave it here.

Catch you all in game!

Just a friendly reminder…in case it slipped you mind…we don’t use special ASCII characters in our names…just saying…maybe re-read rules and regulations…I thought it was there somewhere …I forgot…old age and all

Ah, I hadn’t seen that on the main page, but looking into the applicants page, one of the threads mentions it. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll gladly modify it.

And man, sucks for Tanaris being down all night. I planned on rolling something yet I always get lucky where the servers I wanna play get stuck with the extended maintenance. Either way, I’ll probably see one of you in game if you’re ever in the noob areas.

Hey Busey =D

As I heard it (from the voices in my head) they were taking down all of the really good servers for the 24hour maintenance this week. =P

Welcome to Tanaris and be sure to stay in contact! While we don’t actively recruit, we’re always looking for the wonderful, albeit cranky adults of WoW to join our ranks =D There’s plenty of lawn chair space around here.

Also, it is true that 99% of our members fail at Ascii, so we do still hold the policy of no special characters. It was once considered a violation of the ToS so we prohibited it… but now we’re just stuck in our ways. =P

Thanks again for the warm greetings. Sadly my name was taken and I’ve had to take solace in another name. My new name in game is Lursk, and I welcome all tells and friends!

I would suggest as an alternative “GryBuseyRoxors,” or some variation thereof. Unless, of course, it’s already taken.

Pixie… aren’t you and Kraak banned from helping anyone pick character names? xD

Hey now! Don’t pick on Pixie! He/she actually gave me a great idea for a name. And sadly I’m not following your idea of a name, however similar. Great to see I’m not the only one that knows the name is referring to the infamous Gary Busey. Which has sadly been my handle in both FPS and MMOs for the past couple of years. I might roll a DK with the new name to help fund the little shammy, which I find both interesting to play and somewhat new to get used to. I guess I’ll setup a signature with the names and such.

sorry if my original post came across as brash, I was having a bad day.

Mir who are you calling cranky? :stuck_out_tongue: and Welcome to Tanaris Busey :slight_smile:

Thanks a bunch again for the welcomes. And not a problem dyedblack. No harm done to me. Now, if you said an unkind word about my home fries and home made biscuits, them be fightin’ words, lol.

And bad news on the shammy. He tripped over a rock and isn’t playing anymore :frowning:

In his place comes my soon to be healadin. Currently only about level 17, but I’m having tons of fun with it and intend on it to be my main for a bit.

Well, I’m guessing my time is up. I would have thought it’d be nice to get a message stating that I’m still being thought of as a possible applicant as opposed to just been deleted. From now, truly lose my application as I guess the 5 months under the “age limit” is too much a burden on you all. Adieu.

On August 16th I posted this:

"Most apps we tell them to contact any GOML member who will put them in touch with an officer if one is available. This obviously could not be done in your case.

When I read you had joined another guild I wrote off your application entirely.

I can count on one hand with a few fingers missing the times we’ve made exceptions in four years. I can remove a couple more fingers for the times those exceptions have actually worked out. Heck, we don’t even let back returning members who have been removed for ANY reason other than inactivity due to THAT not working out. So yeah, we’re a bunch of stuck up jerks when it comes to protecting the other members of GOML.

If you felt you deserved a response within that short of a period of time and took action on that inactivity in the form of joining another guild, perhaps GOML isn’t for you. Further, we find it distressing when folks open up with, “Not to be rude but…”, we ALWAYS find what follows usually is just that. :slight_smile:

I respect your decision to join another guild when not hearing from us on your terms. Sorry it didn’t work out and I hope you do find one that does meet all your expectations."

I left that in the applicants section for a period of time before moving the entire thread into the Archived Guild App. section. It was never deleted. I figured since you were paying such close attention to time going by you certainly would have seen it after it being left alone for a week or so.

I don’t think it will matter much to you at this point, but we did reply to you, Busey. You didn’t check the Applicant’s forum after your last post (forum log-ins are tracked) or you would have seen Gummer’s response posted above.

We move and archive old applications from time to time on our forums. Your sarcasm has been duly noted. Have a nice day.

I LOVE GUMMER!!!..that is all.