Not For You Achievement

Just an FYI:

Issue ID: #64083611

Your ticket has received the following response:

Game Master Tavynael here.

I am sorry to hear that you are having a hard time getting the Not for You achievement. We are aware that there seems to be a problem with the pillars not lasting long enough due to the stat squish, and are looking in to it.

We have submitted bug reports on our end, but we do suggest that you also submit a bug report. You can do that in game by hitting ESC → Help → Report a bug on the left hand side of the window.

We do appreciate your patience while we look into this and hopefully you can get the achievement soon. Have an awesome rest of your day, and may your loots be epic! ^.^

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Blizzard Support

Thanks for sharing this. That explains a lot!

Thanks for doing this, if you get any kind of update, please let me know. For tonight, we’re trying to steer clear of Tich and do Em Nightmare instead since we didn’t hit any real issues on Tuesday in there. <3

Got this when I posted on the Achievement forum, also this is the second person who said if we burn him down before cast we get the achieve.

Jumped in a pug raid tonight (Friday) pillars were not fixed. We didn’t burn the boss in time so no idea if that way will reward achieve.