Non Sequitur

omg, this song is so infectious. I have no idea what he is saying, but it makes me want to jump up and ‘tunak tunak tun’ too…

I like happy music :slight_smile: I rolled a male draenei once just so I could do this dance :clap:

Does anyone happen to know what language he’s speaking so I can ask the appropriate friend what he is singing about? (Those are all the same guy, right?)

Edit: Wikipedia totally hooked me up. And, of course, if it’s on Wiki it’s gotta be true :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m pretty sure he was saying “Sagan rocks.”

From what I’ve read, yes, it’s all one guy. No clue as to the language. My blood brother worked briefly in Mumbai, I’ll ask him if Punjabi is the language or a regional ethnicity or whatever. The internet says he’s Punjabi and that he’s Sikh. I don’t always trust the interwebs though.

(I rolled a Draenei on another server for exactly the same reason. LOL!)

I’ve always loved that song!

My favorite version of this is the “Translation”, where someone made words up as they might sound in English. It’s slightly offensive, but it does kind of sound like that’s what he’s saying.

Wrap the rat in tacky coat!