No Thursday group for 1-24-19 ***see notes**

A really good friend is having his book launch party this Thursday, so I will not be able to lead the raid. If anyone wants to throw a group together, go for it, otherwise, the only other open day I would have is Monday, which usually sucks for most.

There is an open invite for any Thursday members to signup for Tuesday, though Tuesday group will have priority since it’s their night. It was really bad timing that this happened on opening week of the new raid (ya, I told my friend that his timing sucked, lol!). Still, it is what it is. =/

But come on, my name is totally in the book acknowledgements, so ya, not running out on your guys for nothing. xD I’ll even post a picture on Discord tomorrow as proof. =P

Maakha DPS

Wartick/Peon-Tanaris-DPS (if we do end up having a group)

Xeniya - dps - Zul’jin

Qelti - Tanaris - DPS

Winter-I’ll be around, see if we can try out something since I can’t go Tuesday.

Edyion - dps or tytanya - heals should we have a group.

Skaisong - dps - Darrowmere if we have a group

Quantos - Greymane - DPS (or heals) if a group forms … I’ll be online regardless

Cynthian-turalyon majestic mage, or Cynemon-tanaris, or Cynlee-Tanaris monk

Simbezo - tanaris - Heals

Astralz - Wyrmrest Accord - DPS

Rik - Maybe you’ll get some sugar - tanaris

elusiveonez kil jaeden warlock dps

Kalius - Tanaris
Kalsier - BleedingHollow

Jitlock tanaris dps

Yeleena tanaris dps

Sorry, can’t make it this week :frowning:

Looks like we have a group right now. :slight_smile:

First blush- Kal and Winter tanking, Tytanya, Val, Cynemon and Quantos healing, everyone else bringing that BD DPS :stuck_out_tongue:
Regardless of what we get done tomorrow, Mir is pretty set on NOT extending the lockout next week, so people can get gear. :slight_smile:
Im kinda sad we kill Gonk?