No Guano here...

Howdy. So I guess I should start with a little bit about myself. My name is Josh, I am 42 and live in Lake Havasu City Arizona. I play a Goblin Rogue named Guano (hence the title). I do have other toons as I am a bit of an Altoholic. I am very laid back and a bit sarcastic from what I have been told. I transferred to this server to play with a buddy but he joined a “hardcore” raiding and M+ guild and it just wasn’t a good fit for me. I am more of a casual player. A full time job and a family contribute to that I guess. WOW is the only game I play…just don’t have the time for any others and I am good with that. I have been playing since the launch of BC on and off. I actually found WOW by accident. I was at a friends for poker night and got knocked out of the game early, sat down at his computer desk and he had WOW up. I have been hooked ever since. I enjoy all aspects of the game…raiding, pvp, xmog runs, helping out where I can, hell I even enjoy the occasional random DC from time to time. I am just looking for somewhere to hang my hat and enjoy the game…a parking spot for my Hurrycane would nice but not a deal breaker if you can not provide one. Well I hope this is enough about me for you to make a decision on my possible membership. Thanks for taking the time to consider me and hope to hear from you soon.

Hey Guano-no-guano!

It sounds like you would be a pretty great fit around here. We 're all sarcastic altoholics too… or was I supposed to say casual gamers. /shrug.

Anyway, please message any member in game to be directed to an officer for a quick interview/invite thinga-ma-dooooo.

Most of us will be on tonight from 5:30pst-8:00 doing our learning raid group, so it might be hard to snag someone during that time. If you have any trouble getting a hold of one of us though, just post here with a good time to meet in game and one of us will hop on. =D

You can also choose trial by discord… /gasp… where you hop into voicechat while we’re raiding tonight and get grilled. For some, it is the righteous path to membership. For the rest of us, its just a good time. xD

Interviewed and approve by Mir. Welcome to the lawn! =D