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I heard about your guild from my RL friend, RubyRhod, and my husband, BileBlight, and they asked me to join. I read the opening statement and to answer your questions:

  1. what was the name of the first album you ever owned - PEARL JAM
  2. what is your favorite color - RED

I got into playing online games (WOW) back in college in 2004, my boyfriend at the time got me playing. Before that it was mostly playstation and PC SIMS :slight_smile: Games I play now are mostly first person shooters, open world games, puzzle & story games. Some examples are: Fallout (3, 4, Vegas), Skyrim, Mass Effect, Crysis, BorderLands, etc.

I’m a Graphic Designer by day and a lazy couch potato by night. I have a dry sense of humor and am pretty laid back. My other hobbies are reading, painting, play with my dog, watching movies & TV.

My toon’s name is: KOTORI

Woot! Welcome aboard! Just whisper me or any other officer when you’re on next. Welcome to the Lawn =)