New applicatoin - Aisling

Hi! I am looking to get back into WoW after a few months hiatus and looking for a laid back guild to join and play with. I am a buddy of Watric and have known / been playing with him since Cata. I have previously been an alliance player, but am in the act of casually leveling my monk (more aggressively since the latest patch fixed my lag).

While I enjoy playing challenging content, I am not super competitive. As a result I tend towards mostly PvE content such as raids and mythic+ enjoying the camaraderie of groups, but find serious PvP a tad stressful. As a side note, in addition to WoW I play a variety of other games (including GW2, just not since the latest expansion).


Finally, I am nearly always on/around my computer in the evenings, but not always on WoW. If you want to message me via WoW/Bnet my Bnet ID is Grimm#1615.

Welcome friend of Wartic! Please message any member to get in contact with an officer for a short interview/invite when next you’re in game. Basically, we just go over the rules, and then blame Wartic after that for any bad behavior =P


Interviewed and approved by Mir! (thanks for hopping on mumble while I tried to wipe that Mythic+ run, hehe)

Welcome to the guild!