New Application

Talk to Reinherz last night, March 12, about the guild. I was looking for a casual guild and was informed that this was the place to be. I’ve been on Tanaris for most of my WoW playing time and have seen this guild stay strong. I’m looking for a long lasting spot but currently not wanting to raid. I have multiple Alts that I would like to bring over as well. Links, Dori, Athena, and Airanica. I am currently on my warlock Quindrais. My main is Airanica as a Holy priest.

You Sir/Madam have the patience of a saint. xD So sorry it took so long to get to your interview on Tuesday night. Our run went a bit into overtime.

I’m staying logged in for a bit hoping you come back from afk. =D


Interviewed & Approved by Mir. =D