New Applicant

Hey guys, my name is Zek and I’ve been playing WoW off and on since Vanilla.

I’ve bounced between a couple different MMOs, namely FFXIV, TERA, and Wildstar, during my off periods in WoW. After talking to one of my friends I’ve been convinced to come back to WoW for Battle for Azeroth. They were going to join up with this guild since a couple of his friends were in it already.

I tend to fluctuate between chill and spastic depending on what I’m doing, but I’ll buckle down and get serious if it’s ever required, although based on what I’ve read I can just relax in GOML.

I hope to just do some casual raiding as a Tank, or just spam DoTs on everything as a Warlock in Battle for Azeroth, on a more casual schedule that fits in with my on call rotation at work.

I have a chihuahua and she will tear it up as an affliction warlock by swatting keys on the keyboard while I’m AFK. I’ll even record the whole thing.

I got into gaming through my older brother when I was still… 3 or 4, I can’t remember, but we used to play Mario on the NES and eventually he got me into FF6 and Chrono Trigger when the SNES came out.


Although for the Skull Island and a million dollars I would probably try to genetically engineer lady bugs to reproduce even more than they do and release them into the wild. You can buy thousands for a couple dollars, think of the mass production capabilities!

Just checking in on this app, since it still seems inactive. There was a mention of a friend in the guild (so assumed you were already in?), but someone forgot to give forum access. If you still haven’t been invited, please contact me directly & we’ll arrange a time in game for the interview/invite.

Hi Mir, I talked with someone who was a friend of someone in guild. I was going to do an interview, but they opted to play on a different server so nothing came of it. I can’t remember the toon’s name. This may have been it? I’m forgetful. I should have posted something on the forum at the time while it was still fresh in my mind.