New Applicant Wunderbar Tanaris

Past gaming experience
Started off playing Castle Wolfenstein years ago. Followed closely by years of Combat Flight Simulator I, II, III and eventually IL-2. Zooming around the virtual skies of Europe and the South Pacific was fun but I was looking to branch out to other forms of gaming. That’s when I found Star Wars Galaxies and was hooked on MMORPG’s. Tried a little FF but went back to SWG. Then… Sony killed SWG. Still pretty broken up about that. It was a great game. A guild mate from SWG told me about WOW so I bought the game. That was about two weeks from initial launch. My first ever character Napoleon was a Dwarf Hunter; followed closely by my Disc Priest Premed. Played all the way through until Panda expansion and burned out, having zero interest in being a Panda. Stayed away for quite some time but my kids [All 3 play, as does my wife] pulled me back in when Legion was on the horizon. I played the pre-legion silliness to get my 720 gear and found the new expansion brought back the feel of Vanilla Wow for me. Not that Vanilla was all that but I did like the way there was more of a community back then. Have been having fun since. Usually as an Alliance player. This is my first time being Horde. Should also mention my Dad plays. He is 73.
Personality type
Hmmm. Well I am a big kid trapped in a mans body. I’m an aircraft mechanic by trade and like to play with really big aircraft models; that just happen to really fly. I’m a fan of Monte Python, love Rom-Coms like When Harry Met Sally and Princess Bride, and think Corn Dogs were created by God on the 8th day. My humor is dry and irreverent but I do abide by a strict “humor at my own expense” philosophy. I don’t flame others. I like long walks on the beach, moonlit nights and listening to the violin solo from Young Frankenstein playing as I travel through the Undercity.
What you’re looking to try in the future
I do like running instances and want to find a group of peeps to run through Legion instances with. I’ve raided some in the past and found it all a bit much as far as the constant grinding for passable gear. Not to mention the grind for potions, enchants and food. However my raiding experience was in Vanilla and the first two expansions. After that I didn’t raid much. Might like to try again someday but not as a healer.
A silly story about your Jazzy or Hoveround
Um, yea, truth be told I had to Google that. No idea what those were. Don’t have a story about one yet however I do plan to put a supercharger in mine the day I get one. Being 53 I have a few years left before I have to go that route.
How many pets you have and whether or not they can play a mean warlock while you’re afk
Pets… 248 and my fave is Vickie my Unborn Val’kyr. Not quite sure what they are up to while I am not around.
How you got into gaming
Friend of mine gave me a broken down computer years ago and being the mechanic that I am I figured I could bring it back to life. I did but then realized I had no use for one, so I bought some games.
Theories as to why our GM Mirosa so desperately wants a butter keeper
Haven’t a clue, sorry. Butter doesn’t last long enough around me to make it from the wrapper to a keeper so I don’t have much experience with them. Would have to ask my wife.
What you would do with a million billion dollars and a skull shaped island
Dude, easy question. Would build a house that is an exact replica of the inside of the Disneyland Pirates of the Caribbean ride [Yea the whole inside] and then I would put a landing strip near it to land my Gulfstream IV there on weekends to enjoy my pirate digs. Don’t worry I would still want to play Wow in my treasure room.

This… was an absolutely fantastic app, even if you know not the wonders of butter keeping. You shall learn. xD

The next time you’re online, do a /who Get Off My Lawn and ask to be directed to an officer for a quick interview/invite. This week might be just a touch more difficult to get one of us due to some vacations overlapping, but if you try during the prime hours, it shouldn’t be an issue. =)