New Applicant: Fourfingrsam

Hello there! I am a full time student, full time mom and wife looking for a casual guild that we can hang out with and call home. My family and I have done the hard core raiding thing, the dragon points thing, and the guild master thing but we are collectively over it all. I would just love to bloom where I’m planted from now on. My main toon is currently Fourfingrsam who is named after what I thought he would be named for in a Mob made out of Trolls. I am 30yrs young and I have been playing since BC came out, but I love this game still and enjoy the social aspect of playing just as much as farming and hanging out not doing much of anything. I prefer a casual guild atmosphere where I can play with my family and friends and just have a good time.
My husband Shadowfax is also applying and my Mother will do her best as she is much older and has a hard time navigating certain things. I struggle to find time to log on while I’m in school but I still make it online around once a week. I am in my Senior year now and am looking forward to graduating in the next year or so. That is stressful enough without the typical raiding demands and people asking what you can do for them and not what they can do for their country, if you know what I mean.
I love my husband and he is amazing, we don’t air out any of our issues online either ( if we had any). We actually met on World of Warcraft and enjoy playing together when we can.
After reading the Guild rules I am very excited to join the guild and I hope you will consider my application.
Thank you,
Aleta Romo/Fourfingrsam/Oxymoronic

Awesome. Thanks for the application. Y’all definitely sound like you’d like it here and would be a good fit. A lot of us have very similar experiences I’d say. So next time you’re on just ask anyone in GOML to direct you to an officer and we’ll get you a quick interview and get you a spot on the Lawn.

Interviewed and invited by Ruby 08/17/17