New Applicant: Ariakis

Hey guys, Ariakis here. Steve in RL. I’m returning to WoW after a long while away. I too am an old fart! I’ve been gaming for…well lets say the year didn’t start with 20xx. I’m a 30-year friend of Hakaf and we’ve been in pretty much every MMO player out there. Hakaf, Qaelthos, Rubyrhod and Qelty are all friends of mine.

I’m a seriously drama-free guy. It wastes everybody’s time when everyone is just trying to have fun in the game. I mean that’s why we play right? Playing should be stress-free. I get enough of that stupidness at work! I’ve been in high-end raiding guilds, ran a couple raid-guilds, just been a plain old player with no guilds in some games and ran a few guild sites from time to time. I know the drill on raids and just like to enjoy the time. My reward is seeing somebody progress, get some cool stuff and have some laughs while we’re at it even if I walk away with zip. I don’t like to give up on a challenge. If we’re raiding something and we fail it, I’m the guy that will still be there trying again and again until everybody leaves or my bed starts to call my name.

I play a DPS chick as Ariakis (same as forum name) as a Demon Hunter. It’s my favorite class in Diablo 3 as well so I split my time doing that.

I do listen on raids…it’s important. So if you think you can use me and you have the room for me, I’d be happy to join up.

Thanks in advance for the consideration! :slight_smile:

More clan Ruby, hooray! Now correct me if I’m wrong, but I think Ruby already invited you into the guild last night. If not, just poke him, or anyone in guild for the super quick interview/invite. If you are already in the guild, also poke Ruby and tell him he’s a slacker for not turning on your forum access. =P

Glad to have you here, enjoy the lawn! =D

P.S. great app!


So what is that “reported for botting” thing on the right up there? I mean, I JUST created the account! lol

I’m Definitely a slacker!