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Rogue: Worzeth
Age: 49
Gender: Male
Player: Good but casual. Job, life, Harley, Friends then time for video games.
Likes: My Harley, Bow hunting and guns

Hi Worzeth,

According to the About Us Page and the Application Thread, I’m supposed to poke you with a pointy stick for more details. BUT since I happen to know you know some peeps I’ve already let into the guild (whether or not that is a mistake will be revealed eventually), I can say the following:

Next time you’re online, just do a /who Get Off My Lawn and ask to be directed to an officer for a quick and painless interview. Should you have any trouble getting a hold of one of us, just post a good time to meet up in-game and one of us will hop on. You can also bug me on Discord for an interview.


Interviewed and invited by Kayse