New App

This is Smallpoxx, the PUG healer who has been raiding with you on Tuesday’s Open Raid. Looking to get my nightborne monk named Chitah into the guild.

I created the new character because I wanted to see what Tanaris was like before I transferred Smallpoxx across. Plus I wanted to see what the guild was like. I enjoy the Openraid nights so I figure I’ll enjoy the guild.

You can probably guess from raid nights I am a quiet person, especially on Mumble. IRL I am a hermit who works days and sleeps as much and often as possible. Been gaming forever. Started WoW with classic and as soon as they open classic servers I am rolling a character on them.

No pets, no favorite colours, love pizza, doughnuts and chocolate milk, Horde only, will never play an alliance dog.

Any other questions you can find me in game or I occasionally jump on twitch chat on Thursdays to see how far they get.


Hey Smallpoxx. Happy to see your app here. Keep an eye out for an officer, just do a /who Get Off My Lawn and ask any member if there’s one online for a quick and (relatively) painless interview :wink:

Invited to the guild by Ryla. I thought I set up forum permissions correctly, but it doesn’t look like it worked. Someone able to check for me?

Never mind figured it out

Bears, getting the job done! =P Welcome Smallpox, to the dark side. =D