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I’ve been playing WoW since Troll raids were awesome and the highest level you could have was 60. I joined Knights of the Blood Rose after TBC and just after WotLK I joined SSDD. I have always seen GOML members around Dalaran and in a lot of the raids. Left WoW when pandas made their entrance. Came to check out Cataclysm, wasn’t impressed and now thrown back into the fray with Legion.

I started playing video games when the karate arcade game was at a store near my house. There were no buttons just 2 joysticks for each player. That game totally sucked. A few years later they put in Shinobi by SEGA and Altered Beast. I must have stolen $2000 from my dads wallet over the course of 3 years. Street Fighter, Double Dragon, Street Fighter II, once Mortal Kombat came out I was old enough to get a job. So I didn’t and kept playing MK for bets instead. You could say I was an underworld MK master up until Ultimate MK and the console take over that has killed the arcade competition.

My personality type is go with the flow would be Ninja but it’s illegal to do Ninja stuff with a twist of disorder under the veil of keeping a normal looking life.

So am I in??

Hey there!

I have been such a complete slacker this week and didn’t see your app. (my other officers are being whipped as we speak for also being slackers) =P

I totally remember ! For some odd reason, I would have conversations with members in Zangermarsh. It’s like you guys had a hidden base there. xD

Next time you’re online, please contact any member for a quick interview/invite. If you have any difficulty finding one of us, please don’t hesitate to post a good time for you here and I’ll hop in game. (The joys of working from home) =)