Need a Mythic+ group? March-April 2019

I am psyched at how many Mythic+ groups we have running each week! I’m aware of 3 distinct groups, which often jump into each others groups to fill in.

This is both awesome, and slightly problematic, depending on if you’re in one of those groups, or you’re not. =P

Here’s the thing. Groups form & those who mesh keep running together, getting better together, and gearing up together. It’s seriously awesome. It’s what I want for everyone in the raid who is interested. But it takes work.

I know what it’s like to be on the outside. You feel like you can never get a spot in an established group, are not sure if you’re ready for a certain key, or hell, don’t even know the run! And so, week after week, you’re left behind without any mythic+s, no Tuesday chest, no nada. Everyone else is over 400 ilevel, and you’re stuck doing world quests. Let’s fix that!

Use this post, which will be stickied through April, to form your own group. If you’re already in a group and willing to act as a mentor, please signup also in that capacity. My hope is that mentors won’t even be needed after the first few weeks.
Here’s what you need provide to participate:

-Character’s name/realm of the toon(s) you -want- to run with. Typically this would be your main in the raid, but tanks/healers are in demand.
-Highest key run (if any). It is expected that you have run all instances on heroic/mythic 0 prior to joining a mythic+ group.
-Days you can run. We’re keeping it simple right now – after raid tues/thurs, or any other day at raid start time (so 8:30est, 5:30pst).

(mentors post the role/class you’re willing to help with, this should not be a chore for you, make sure its worth your time!)

Do not join if:
-You’re not prepared to wipe
-You’re not prepared to get a crap ton better at your class/role
-You’re not able to commit to the chosen night each week (obviously we all go on vacation, but you should be available most weeks)
-You’re not willing to blow a lot of consumables

I am more than happy to help more groups get up and running, and even fill in/mentor as needed. I’m already somewhat at max for my play time, so will not be able to commit fully to a 3rd group, but am always happy to fill in when I can. =D

Nangsa - Tanaris - DPS
I think +8 is the highest I’ve completed
I should be able to do Tuesdays after raid, maybe Mondays or Wednesdays.

Roles: Heals primary (DPS secondary)
Highest Key Level: 10

Normal Playing Days: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday. I do participate in a few groups already but I am more than willing to help anyone else get their experience of M+ and gear up when I’m online.

Winter here.

I can tank or heal for a group on the paladin, and heal or dps on the monk. The BEST way to let me know you need me is to throw out a bat signal on discord, and I’ll reply or log on. The end goal is to be able to fill any role with both toons, gear level and practice are why I’m not yet. Winter can go up to a 12 or so, spring prolly a 6 or 7 right now.

Limes, Tanaris, deeps.

I have a confession to make. I’ve never done mythics. I dont even really know how they work or what keys are all about. I need a tutor.

I recently stopped working evenings so I’m pretty flexible on days, just need to know ahead of time.

Someone willing to take me under their wing? :pray:

Ryla As Tank for any level key or Sutures as Heals for low level keys

I haven’t been running M+ after raids since I’m pregnant and I am so tired and 8:30 is my new bed time.

I would however like to get back into doing M+ at earlier times throughout the week. It is one of, if not my favourite activity in wow.

I’m always willing to go when I’m free! I don’t have regular days that I’m available though because my schedule is weird. I usually don’t run after raid nights because I have to make dinner, but I’m up for running other nights if I’m around, especially if it is a little earlier (like 5/5:30pm Pacific time) - I can dps most m+, and tank maybe up to 8 or so.