Naxt Victim Achievment

Hey all, posting this on the public section for all our OpenRaid members too!

As you might recall, I was moving during the Broken Shore patch and was really behind on that content for a bit. By the time I got caught up, no one was doing the Sentinax bosses required for : Naxt Victim (

Somehow I killed 2 of them, need the other 4 (but would gladly do all 6). I’m just wondering how many others are interested in knocking this out in a group. It’s basically just a shitty portal farm until the boss portal stones drop and then fight it. We wouldn’t even necessarily have to do this as a full group since we’re all pretty OP, but just do it regularly and meet for the portal stones bosses on a set day.

The comment section of the link above explains the whole process. It’s best to farm a bunch of unstable nether portals for the blue beacons when the Nether Disruptor building is active and just hold on to them until you have 2 or more people (that way you just spread out and each take a Sentinax portal). Awgy & I have been doing this on and off and it works great… but no portal stones yet =(

Sign up here if interested & we’ll also use this thread to post when someone gets a portal stone (and a good time for everyone to be present when its used).

Mir! I am in the same boat. I would love to join you for this.

Don’t need / want the achievement, but I’d be willing to help out. I am on most nights between 6 and 9 pm PST and all day and night one weekends.