Mythic Raiding & You! =D****

Welp, we made it. From a little rag-tag group in Hellfire Citadel to (almost) the #1 guild on the server, and it’s all thanks to you guys being awesome.

Want to be the #1 guild on the server? Sure, why the hell not!

Until the next raid comes out, Tuesday nights are for AOTC kills and Mythic bosses. Thursdays will remain heroic. What will this mean for you?

Well, nothing really, as long as you’ve already invested the time into the following areas:
-You have a raiding spec that is current and viable.
-Your ilevel is 430 or higher
-Your necklace has all traits opened (including the final stam boost)
-You know the basic strats for all fights (normal/heroic).
-You have a thick enough skin by this point that you won’t be upset if I call you out to correct something over Discord (vs. whispers)

Not too bad, huh?

So what is going to be different about Tuesday nights for the next 2-3 months? In 2 words: Personal accountability.
Until last Tuesday, I’ve always made it a point to bring anyone with a good attitude and willingness to learn to any of my raids. Unfortunately, due to the extreme nature of top tier content, we will not be able to do ‘carries’ for the mythic attempts. Basically, that means that everyone attending is solid with their rotations, their special skills (like interrupt), their ‘oh shit’ abilities (to stay alive), and can navigate the fights without seeing a drop in their numbers (or death, of course).

Healing numbers are a bit hard to give a baseline on since things like wasted over-healing and situational class abilities all play a roll in how well you are playing the class. Suffice to say that if you’re successfully healing 10+ key Mythic+ runs, you’re doing a-ok.

For DPS, it’s a bit easier – 20k average in a boss fight. Different fights favor different classes, but if you’re always below the 20k mark, you might need to take some time to refresh your UI, your spec & your rotation. It’s not unusual that as you gear up during each patch that your rotation might change, especially based on trinkets and on-use procs. Make sure you’ve taken the time to review what is currently the expected rotation for your spec in 8.3.

As for gear – if you’re signing up for Tuesday, please take a few minutes to check out your best in slot gear. Do you have some residium banked for a snazzy new piece? Make sure you go shopping before the raid.

So that’s gear/spec/expectations – now on to the slight shift in tone that naturally goes with top tier raiding. TBH, not much at all is going to change with the exception of my calling names out on the fly. Normally I let the mistake happen a few times and then message people, but that obviously takes much longer to correct errors (both in the waiting and the chatting). What I’ll do instead is just make short call outs and nothing more needs to be done about it. Absolutely no need/reason to apologize or explain what happened (we’ll still love a good cat on keyboard story though). I’m not mad, disappointed, or even slightly pissed about anything. It’s a mistake, whatever, keep on trucking. Make the same mistake again? Yep, no biggie, keep on trucking, I know you’ll figure it out. <3
Also, I might be a little more short about excessive key-ups so that we can communicate mid-fight. Simply pause whatever you were saying until the moment has passed and then back to the fun.

Lastly – signups. Yes signing up is important since there are only 20 spots. Does signing up first for Tuesdays mean you automatically get a spot? Technically, no. If I have 21 people wanting to go and all are capable of mythic – then yes, last person to sign up gets left behind. If we have 21 people sign up, but one person isn’t meeting the bulk of the reqs, then yes, I will bench the person who hasn’t done everything they can to be an asset to the group. Let me be clear though, base dps/hps is important, but is not my sole metric.

Now with all that said – we barely have 20 interested people, so chances are that if you’re worried about being benched, you’re absolutely wrong. What I want are those who are committed to doing the best they can and are willing to do a little extra work to get there. There’s nothing at all wrong if you don’t want to do mythic and only come on Thursdays until the next raid comes out. Progression raiding is not everyone’s thing (hooray wiping 100 times!). All I’m really looking for is that you’re aware that your performance matters to the whole group’s success, and that each week you keep trying to do better. If all of us do the same, then we’re going to kick some serious ass.

As always, come chat with me if you have any worries or concerns. Hopefully nothing I said here scares anyone off from coming. If I have, then please message me. <3