Mir's brownie recipe

Okay, so I bought the right kind of pan (who knew that baking and cooking required 2 types of pans…they are all the same shape, though!) and the last batch was marginally better than my normal brick and soup concoction.

So, can we get Mir’s brownie recipe posted back up here? I’ll just look for it on the old forums and toss it up, but come on - brownies!!

Oh, and I again request the dunce cap :slight_smile:


With thanksgiving coming I want to make these for my family…so I went and hunted down the recipe on the old forum here it is:

::cut/paste from Mir’s post on old forum::

All right, all right…you’ve held out long enough. Prepare yourselves for the brownie recipe I promised for all you non-bakers out there. Super easy, super chocolaty, and zomg, you may actually have almost everything in your kitchen already. This is so easy since it starts with a mix, but heck, who has time for flour and cocoa powder and all that junk?

part 1:

Check pantry for:

Duncan Hines Family Style Brownies: Chewy Fudge style
1-2 large eggs
1/2 cup of veggy oil or 1/3 cup applesauce

if your water has been shut off due to your wow addiction, rain water or mildly flavored beverages may work, but my goodness, don’t use your beer!

If any or all ingredients are missing from your kitchen, break into your more wholesome neighbor’s Martha Stewart inspired kitchen (pre-lockup era) and steal the eggs and veggy oil. If you are already on probation or the neighbor has a very large dog, go to the food store. (7-11, circle K, wawa, gas marts, etc do not count sadly.)

While your’e there, grab some peanut butter (pfft as if even you don’t have ol’reliable peanut butter, but it may be old and icky, so grab a new jar for the coming year.) Also grab some semi sweet nestle tollhouse chocolate chips or any bakeable candy. Look towards the end for some wild ideas :wink:

part 2:

So you fumbled through the super market at 3:00am, sharing company with a bunch of stoners looking for doritos and twinkies, but managed to get your goods. Tough choice time: Healthy or damn right naughty?

I bastardize the term ‘healthy’ to refer to the guilt you will feel around brownie number three. Most Americans feel less guilt if they substitute one healthy ingredient for a bad one, and thus can eat way more before that pesky guilt kicks in. Others prefer a limited yet worthy snack. So if you want quantity over quality use this list:

1 large egg
1/4 cup of applesauce (natural unsweetened preferred)
2 tablespoon water

quality over quantity:

2 large eggs
1/4 cup water
1/2 cup veggy oil

This is the box instructions, no big deal so far. I have made them both ways and still do depending on the circumstances. Having visitors, go for quality, locking yourself in for a college style binge, go quantity.

Part 3:

Never NEVER NEVER use a pan larger then 9x9. I was desperate last night and used the 13x9 and it suxed. The brownies were like Oliver twist pancakes. So, if you don’t have any baking pans, pick up a disposable foil pan from the same baking goods aisle, 8x8 preferred, 9x9 still ok, larger sux.

Set oven to 325 degrees. Take some shortening and grease the pan. I have always used butter. Tastes good, does the job. You can run the stick butter all over the pan, if you have the tub, just wipe a paper towel over the top to gather some and rub it along the pan. Kinda fun, and yes, I taught myself to cook. I’m sure Julia Child has a proper way to get’her done, but pfft, whatever.

Mix all your ingredients in a big bowl and combine until the batter looks like you can just dunk your finger in and enjoy it right now. So if you have powdery bits still in there that you wouldn’t like to encounter with a spoon, keep going. You probably won’t get them all, no biggy, just make sure it’s mostly smooth.

Now the fun starts.

Add a good fistfull of chocolate chips. Don’t over do it or your brownies will be chocolate bars with some brownie-like areas. A good handful is usually good. Now add something else. Nuts, health bar bits, butterfinger crumbles, M&Ms…go crazy. There is almost nothing naughty that won’t be awesome in the middle of a brownie.

Pour your batter into the greased pan and smooth it to the edges. Now, if you’re a real peanut butter fan, go heat up a minimum of 1/2 cup or a maximum of 1 cup of peanut butter. I like chunky, but usually have smooth on hand. Microwave it, sauce pan on the stove, campfire on the porch, whatever, just make it soupy, but be careful not to burn it. If you burn it, it sux, start over. Take your soupy goodness to your batter and just drizzle it evenly over the batter. Now, take a butter knife ( rubber scraper works fine too if you used it to get all the batter out of your bowl.) Stick the knife into the batter and pretend like you are cutting your brownies. This will drag the peanut butter into the batter and make it look real pretty. Go up and down, then left to right. wow…your friends/relationships won’t believe you baked it!

Now, place it in the oven. check the box for bake time and keep an eye on it for the last 10 mins. The electric oven in my new place cooks very fast, like 5 mins faster than the box. Burnt brownies sux, period. Doesn’t matter how much goodness you stuffed in the batter, or how pretty your peanut butter swirly-whirlys were, burnt sux.

You will know it’s done when you can stick a toothpick/butter knife/ non-rusty pointy object into the center and it comes out clean. By clean, I mean not dripping with batter. I love my brownies almost undercooked. Cake brownies are an abomination, seriously. They should be fudgy, anyone who disagrees needs to go roll gnome and be beaten and then try making fudgy brownies.

When they are done. Turn off oven, and let the brownies rest on a cooling rack if you have one. Otherwise, two towels or pot holds are fine. Give the brownies a few minutes to cool and then have at it!
If you are really naughty, chocolate icing can be put on at the end. Now that’s just downright evil! xD

Gratz…you just made awesome brownies. Snap a photo and email it to mom, she’ll be so proud!

I hope you enjoy my easy as all heck brownie recipe. It may be from a box, but it works every time with no real effort. I’ve done the “from scratch” kind so many times, and it’s never as good as this is, so why bother!