Melby Application

Hello Old Timers!

Im a 39 year old (dear god…when did that happen??) Mom/Biochemist and I am back playing WOW after a 7 year break. I am loving all the new stuff thats come out since I’ve been gone - cruising through the Goblin starting zone, finally finding the Heirloom vendor in UC, figuring out what the heck the Garrison is, deciding whether or not to roll a Panda, and having a debate about battle pets. Do I need a battle pet? What if my battle pet is a jerk? Can I take him to battle pet behavior classes? You know, the pressing questions that keep one up at night. During my time playing “back in the old days”, I had a Level 70 Hunter, and some various other characters that I used for dungeons and battle grounds. I am a laid back individual, which is what having 4 kids turns you into otherwise you would die of an ulcer or a chronic headache, and enjoy spending time outside in the beautiful California sunshine watching my kids play baseball, football, and gymnastics.

When Im not busy being a super cool California babe, I spend my nights saving the world as a Biochemist for a major genetics company (maybe not saving the world - but I do get to use lasers). In the future in game, I would love to level a character 70+ so I can check out all the new stuff Ive missed the last few years and try out the Arena. In the future in life, I am doing my best to raise 4 positive, functional, successful, non-serial killer children and send them off into the world. Lets see what else…I dont have a story about my personal Jazzy, but when were were in high school my friend and I were driving home from class and we hit a “larger lady” driving her Jazzy through a cross-walk and had to pick her and her machine up…both were quite heavy. I dont have any pets, because I have four kids and Im not trying to completely lose my mind, but if I did I would train them to run my Shadow Priest through a dungeon or two because really how hard can that be :clap: I dont know why the GM Mirosa desperately wants a butter keeper, but the fact that I thought the name was GM “Mimosa” should say something about my love for the occasional adult beverage at brunch.

Thats about it!



Melbee - Level 27 Undead Shadow Priest
Siri - Level 21 Blood Elf Rogue
Sidd - Level 17-ish Goblin Warlock
Tarareid - Level 5 Orc Hunter (aka. the Orgrimar Errand Girl)

Forgot the most important question…what was my first album?? I have an eclectic ( my kids call it weird…) taste in music and listen to a little bit of everything, but my first album was Pat Benatar Live From Earth. Me and my sister did many MANY amazing dance performances for family and neighbors to Love is a Battlefield, and I am truly glad there was no such thing as cell phone video back then.



Everything looks in order and someone will soon give your application the thoughtful response it deserves. In the meantime I’d like to know how an Orc of any stripe ends up with the name Tarareid?

Let me explain a likely scenario:

Hunter----> tames pets ----> sharks can be pets -----> Sharknado ----> Tara Reid.

/graciously accepts your accolades.

We could certainly use a mad scientist around here. Usually they go gnome for RP reasons, leaving us with a serious lack of lazers and phazers.
Goblins are more ‘bomb-y’, which is seriously awesome, but sometimes the skull shaped mountain needs a pew pew beam adjustment and typically we’re S-O-L

So please, bring your brain, your pets (battle and otherwise) and all else to the lawn. Next time you’re online, simply do a /who Get off my lawn and ask any member for an officer who can do a quick interview. If you have any issue finding someone on during your preferred play time, just drop a line here and one of us can arrange to log in. =D