Macho Nachos, Bachelor Style

Macho Nachos, Bachelor Style

inexpensive, quick & easy, microwave cheater, Macho Nachos for one.


  • bag of tortilla chips (I like the restaurant style ones from Tostitos)
  • can of chili (beef and beans, YUM! I use Campbell’s Chunky Chili, Hot and Spicy)
  • jar of salsa (I use the President’s Choice Extra Chunky, Hot)
  • optional, Taco sauce (I like President’s Choice brand)
  • bag of Kraft Tex-Mex shredded cheese blend (if you can find a better brand for cheap, let me know)
  • jar of sliced jalapenos
  • jar of sliced kalamata olives

    Heat half the can of chili in the microwave as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Set aside. Put the rest of the can in the fridge (covered, dufus!) for use with tomorrow’s nachos… or for snackage later. In a microwavable bowl (not metal!), put about a cup of the salsa (a blob about 1/2 to 3/4s the size of your fist, depending on how big your hands are) mixed with about 3 generous tablespoons (3 bloops from a large necked bottle, about 9 shakes from a thin necked bottle) of the taco sauce and mix with a non-dirty utensil, spoons are good for this. Good idea to cover the bowl with some plastic wrap (or a paper plate), with a slit in the middle, because salsa likes to dance in the microwave. In my bachelor-sized microwave it only takes about two minutes, your milage may vary. If you hear it being really noisy, turn off the microwave! Set aside. On a microwavable plate (paper plates work), spread out a good handful or two of the tortilla chips. Nuke’em for about 2 minutes (varying for size and wattage of your nuker). Spread over them the chili and salsa, then some jalapeno and olive slices. Now sprinkle a handful or so of the shredded cheese over everything. BACK in the microwave for about a minute or so, or until things start to pop or the cheese looks melty. Melty Cheese is optimum.

Put it in your face for much health regeneration. Gives +500 AP to flatulence, increases Happy by 10 per 5 sec, but reduces rep with all females in the vicinity (who are we kidding? we’re bachelors!) by -2500.

OMG… I love the measuring in this, it was cracking me up. If you want to impress a girl with your cooking abilities… just add a few drops of beano before you cook the chili :slight_smile:

These sound great.

Bachelor style? Jelly’ll be eating these right next to me!

Heheheh. I was remembering back to my college days when I was writing this. I shared a house with two other guys and I don’t think we had a measuring cup between us. Any cooking utensils that may have existed in the house were buried in the pile of dirty dishes in the sink that no one ever claimed ownership of - I resorted to paper plates and disposable cutlery because I refused to be their mother. Whenever I did cook, I usually had to guestimate my measurements and got in the habit of finding a common reference for them: ‘the small mustard mug looks like it’s about 1/2 cup if I only fill it to the crack’; ‘doming the margarine on the spoon roomie #2 stole from the Greek restaurant down the street looks like about a tablespoon’; etc.

The bachelor style was just a reference to the lazy ingredients (canned chili instead of DIY) and the microwave prepping :slight_smile:

If you want cheap, good tasting shredded cheese, costco. they sell like big Kirkland 5 or 6 lbs bags of Mozz and cheddar. You can’t beat the price, they taste just as good (or better) as any other pre-shredded out there and you can freeze it in smaller bags successfully.

Also, if you cheap out and use processed american slices instead of always being able to make it to the deli (hides form aulm), the big block of american freezes really well and tastes better than kraft, imo. (It will never, ever replace deli slices though, so be warned if you need the better stuff.) If you’re making some kind of cheese sauce though… it has very uber meltability.


Oy! I think I’m hitting Costco this weekend. Thanx!