Hello my name is Lynnee, I’m Kane’s gf and he’s says this guild is cool. I’m full time student and have a full time job. I have a yorkie/Maltese/ shih tzu ( just found that one out) dog. I’m just existing until the universe says times up ;p. I’ve been playing wow since bc and I’m still a casual player. I had dragged Kane to play with me because of evil spiders. Oh, and my toon’s name is Isisya.

Hey Lennee/Isisya!

Sorry it took a bit to answer! It’s summer (almost), and some of us were on vacation.

Please message any member the next time you’re on for a quick interview/invite, or if you have any trouble getting hold of an officer, just post here with a good time to reach you in game and I’ll be happy to hop on. =D

Vacation you guys been raiding :stuck_out_tongue: lol. She doesn’t remember her password that’s why I am posting for her. No one was available tonight. Will it be okay tomorrow (6/15/19) at 2 pm. I also have two toons that need to be added as well.

Gah, I didn’t see this yesterday because I was out all day! I’ll be sure to check back tonight when I do raid signups, in case you have another time in mind. =D

Just took a look while your raiding. She has been sick and I been under the weather. So do not worry. Throw us time for Saturday and we will make sure we are both on. Thanks!!

I know both of them irl. I’ll try to catch one of the officers for the interview.

Invited by Ryla. Welcome to the guild!