Looking for new (retirement) home Tatchala-tanaris

Hello and thanks for your time, been playing wow since @ fall 05 ,before that was Mario brothers some Atari and pacman at the corner store. Got my kids a Sega genesis and then they ps1,2 Xbox 360 played with them. Always been a lil socially awkward got suggested a mmorpg and found a trial of wow in a pc mag and got hooked. was a gm for Tao of Odin (4th )for a few years until my divorce.(long story)longtime member 05-16. been in a small guild a lady made while I was gone and tao left server, but only a few left and most of them are into high m+ are pretty young. I have a very impressive I_O score of 0! and a pvp score to match I plan to keep the streak going ,unless its a gated must mostly into open world a few random bgs and some lfrs but can be talked into helping others anytime. I have 2 cats one of which is worth over $500 because my aunt ran him over with her Jazzy ( no crap I loled when it said pets then funny scooter story) ill be 50 this month. my first album was i think K-Tell funny bone and my fave color is blue. i do have arthritis so I’m not as quick as i used to be. thanks again for your time.